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Luxury Gifts for Stylish Men (On Sale RIGHT NOW! - Burberry/ Lanvin/ TUMI)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Whether it's for yourself or for the special someone, we always love to get pampered :) Well, at least that's how I think about it when buying gifts anyways. I just started getting some gifts for my important people around me in my life, and here are some of the luxury fashion items that you might want to consider getting. In fact, I've already bought the jacket and the cuff links for my man and my brother-in-law, and I decided to write a post about those sale items quick as I'm happy giving them as gifts! Yes, I would say that these are the gems in the sale section! So hurry before it runs out whether it's for coming Christmas, birthday, Valentine's day or even Father's day! :D

1. Harland Classic Fit Hooded Jacket (Burberry)

Lightweight windbreaker with hood for Spring and Summer. The patterns are what makes the jacket chic, which you would pay 3 to 4 times more if it was in women's line :3. It looks very classy yet understated on my man who's very pale. It's great for both classy and sporty men. My man (6'1", ~160lbs -> on the thin side) wears size 44 in this jacket mainly due to the upper body length although size 42 was just right, and he normally wears M in shirts and hoodies and L for more relaxed roomy fit and layering underneath for outerwear.

My brother-in-law (nearly 40 -> not too young, not too old) is a frequent overseas business traveler, so he needs to suit-up all the time. And when wearing a suit, the tiny little details do make a difference and can take oneself to the next level of classiness. Quite often, cuff links can be too over the top or even too plain, but those Lanvin ones are so Lanvin! Understated chicness without looking too bling which can make you a bit old and loud, yet those kinetic geometric shape brings oomph to the shirt with a perfect balance in matte and shiny gold. The sunken parts are matte by the way.

3. 19 Degree 22 Inch Continental Wheeled Carry-On (TUMI)

If you have someone who loves travelling or even just for a business, who wouldn't notice TUMI even from the distance? The carry-on suitcase can be for anyone at any age whether it's with a casual look or a suit, it will add extra points for your completed look. If you want both the look and the quality, TUMI is definitely the one!

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