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10 Timelessly Fashionable Water-resistant Hooded Coats

Published by Jasmine Seo

Followed by the rain boots list, I just summarised my favourite water-resistant coats with hoods >_<. I'm not sure about you, but having a hood is something to me as I often walk around the street with my border collies without an umbrella :P Well, to be honest, I care about my scalp, so I don't want polluted rain to hit my scalp and cause potential irritations, hehe. Anyway, the same rule applies to my shopping list once again, one water-resistant coat per year, and this will be even more difficult to choose as I do like all of those designs O_O. Oh, my T_T. Wish me luck, and let's keep making a shopping list! :D

1. Roslyn Waterproof Lambswool Blend Hooded Coat (PENDLETON)

2. Kensington Slim Fit Down Parka with Genuine Coyote Fur Trim (CANADA GOOSE)

3. Claredon Hooded Raincoat (BELSTAFF)

4. Maxi Raincoat (CALVIN KLEIN)

5. Baughton Quilted Coat (BURBERRY)

6. Hooded Raincoat (PENDLETON)

7. Lotus Water Resistant Peplum Raincoat (MONCLER)

8. 'Hermine' Grosgrain Trim Water Resistant Down Coat (MONCLER)

9. 'Wytherstone' Waterproof Rain Jacket (BARBOUR)

10. Kibworth Waterproof Car Coat with Removable Hood (BURBERRY)

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