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Olie Biologique Review > 001 Balancing Oil (Huile Parfaite/ Tips/ PMS Skincare)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I'm not sure if any of you might remember, but I wrote a review on Olie Biologique Argan Oil on New Year's Day last year as my family including my mum, my man and myself had have been enjoying their argan oil. As I've mentioned in my previous post already, Olie Biologique is a natural organic face oil specialist whom I've personally found to be very reliable in terms of their product quality and overall result that you get. It's indeed a great niche brand that I had to make a post about their argan oil on new year's last year, hehe :3.

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Anyway, Olie Biologique team has reached me online and told me that they have discovered my post on their argan oil, and they wanted to send me fresh goodies. I know, some of my readers may think that it sound weird as it has been well over a year :P. However, I love their products, and why not! If I like the goodies, then I can put them on my list for my next purchase as I tend to be extra careful when choosing face oils :3. They didn't ask me to write a review or anything, but I had to as I've found the formulation of their Balancing Oil very intriguing in a more positive way.

Olie Biologique oil, miranda Kerr skincare secret, KORA organics, Olie Biologique, Kahina Giving Beauty, Kahina Giving Beauty argan oil, face oil for oily skin, May Lindstrom, May Lindstrom youth dew oil, Olie Biologique blancing oil, pms skincare tips, Tammy Fender & Jessica Alba skincare secret

Scent & Consistency

The oil smells strongly of essential oil, but it works in a way that the scent somewhat clears my mind. I feel more awake, yet there's a calming sensation in the end. It's a very nice one to put on your face when you feel down or even unwell. It helped with my mood swings during my cycle too, which sort of made me feel like doing some meditations :3.

Olie Biologique oil, miranda Kerr skincare secret, KORA organics, Olie Biologique, Kahina Giving Beauty, Kahina Giving Beauty argan oil, face oil for oily skin, May Lindstrom, May Lindstrom youth dew oil, Olie Biologique blancing oil, pms skincare tips, Tammy Fender & Jessica Alba skincare secret

From the name Balancing Oil, I kind of guessed that the texture would be lightweight, but it was lighter and more fast absorbing than I expected O_O. Oh-la-la indeed.


I use a very small amount, and it doesn't leave any that typical oily film onto skin.


The fast absorbing consistency somewhat reminds me of Goldfaden MD Fleuressence Native Botanical Cell Oil, but I find Olie Biologique Balancing Oil to be more therapeutic and has longer lasting moisturising benefits.



Nine carefully curated botanical oils deliver exceptional hydration for all skin types particularly combination and blemish-prone. Leaves a satin finish with a mood-lifting scent. A hand-crafted proprietary blend of jojoba, Sacha inchi, Baobab, Tamanu contain antioxidants to protect against environmental exposure, combat premature aging, regulate sebum production and stimulate formation of new tissue. Leaves skin smooth, clear, even- toned, and youthful-looking.

  • For those with normal to combination and acne-prone skin, and urbanites needing environmental defense.

  • Sacha inchi oil has 40x more omega 3s than argan oil and penetrates faster than rosehip oil. Omegas 3s lead to smoother, younger-looking skin with a visible reduction in inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema and powerfully reduces the appearance of fine lines.

  • Combined with jojoba and baobab, this is a hydrating skin drink to plump cells and preserve elasticity especially while travelling.

  • Tamanu oil is renowned for its ability to regenerate skin tissue and balance oil production. Also builds skin’s defenses against inflammation and breakouts.

  • Baobab Seed Oil is especially rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A and sterols. Highly emollient, exceptional anti-oxidant, helps increase elasticity and reduces wrinkles and early signs of aging.

  • Petitgrain relaxes the mind and eases anxiety.

    • 100% of Ingredients are Naturally Sourced; 97% of ingredients are Organic
    • Paraben Free; No Synthetics, toxins or high-tech chemicals
    • No Animal-tested Ingredients



In the beginning, I was very much hesitant to try out Olie Biologique Balancing Oil as my readers would know that there aren't that many face oils that get along with my skin based on my observations over the past years. And that was the main reason why their argan oil has been on my re-purchase list. Especially when the essential oil combination isn't right, the consequences tend to be even worse as it doesn't simply end with little bumps. I get a bad headache and the worst scenario is that my heart races. As you might have already guessed, I'm not that into essential oil therapy or that kind of ritual just to be safe.

Anyway, I'm very happy to let you know that Olie Biologique Balancing Oil hasn't given me any sensitivity. Well, I was a little concerned when I first smelled the oil as the scent is very much of essential oil that I wasn't sure how it would turn out to be. Luckily, the scent doesn't linger much at all once it's all set, which I personally find very nice as I'm not very used to essential oil scents and I also try to avoid just for my dogs so they wouldn't sniff or breathe in. I was very glad that the leap of faith worked and the scent by itself was actually very therapeutic in a way that it awakens my mind. It's very interesting indeed as I still haven't found essential oil scents that I like.

Tips/ Application

I was even trying the oil when my skin, body and mind is ultra sensitive (ie. near/during my cycle), so I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't normally put much product on my face when I'm near and during my monthly as my skin gets more sensitive than usual, so I personally find less products to be more effective for my skin. Basically, I do a skincare detox then since it's an excellent excuse for me to get a bit lazy and let my skin to breath :). Unlike my anticipation (one or two breakouts on my skin), I just got a tiny little bump instead this time. What I only did was patting in two drops of Olie Biologique Balancing Oil to my skin after warming it up in my hands during AM and PM. The company recommends to use it during the daytime, but I've used it before my bed too as the scent has been taking away my monthly pain momentarily. I also tried under my sunscreens, and they went on nicely.

You could, of course, mix the oil with moisturisers, but I particularly liked the oil even more when I use on my skin after mixing a couple of drops of the oil with my mist and boosting essence in small travel size bottles. Although the weather here in WA is still a bit cold, so I've been putting another layer of the oil on top of the little skin elixir potions that I've made XD. However, I think that my potion formula will work well with those with oily and oily combination skin as it just gives enough hydration as long as you don't have sensitivity to the ingredients. Not to mention about those people living in a hot and humid climate, Olie Biologique Balancing Oil seems to also work great during seasonal changes like now as my skin doesn't seem to feel that sensitive at all this Spring for some reason. If you don't have any nut allergy or sensitivity towards essential oils, those with sensitive skin can take benefits from the Balancing Oil since it has skin barrier protective and strengthening oils as a main base.

Full Ingredients

Organic jojoba oil, organic Sacha Inchi Oil, organic Tamanu oil, organic Argan Oil, organic Baobab oil, Bergamot essential oil bergaptene free, Petitgrain leaf essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Neroli flower essential oil

Thanks to the lightweight fast-absorbing texture, I've also been enjoying using it under my CC cushions, and it hasn't been interfering with the finish of the look of make-up. It works beautifully well under make-up and sunscreens, but you will still need to fix your make-up throughout the day as it doesn't seem to control sebum production like a mattifying primer. The absorption speed is almost similar to their argan oil or even faster although it really depends on the amount that you put on. I like to use the Balancing Oil very sparingly as I personally think that it's potent enough due to its essential oil content. Well, Olie Biologique Balancing Oil is the third face oil that I've tried in their line, and I'm seriously wondering who's behind the oil formulation. Whoever the person is, he or she clearly knows my taste, highfive XD. Nevertheless, Olie Biologique Balancing Oil is nowhere like a traditional heavy feeling ultra hydrating type of oil, as it works great as an S.O.S treatment in the beauty cabinet for those days when your skin doesn't know what it's doing (ie. imbalance in skin). I would say that it's one of rare items on the market as I've seen quite a lot of skin balancing products on the market being more aggravating rather than being skin friendly.

Where to buy

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