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Dinner at Sip Thai Bistro in Redmond

Published by Jasmine Seo

It was quite nice to have some sun for the last week or so in WA, but the clouds have come back again...:( And of course, it got a bit cold in the evening...:( This evening, my man and I decided to have some warm Thai food as we somehow enjoy it a bit more when it rains outside O_O. So we went to Sip Thai Bistro, which we discovered through Yelp and has become our new obsession.

As usual, there's nice warming welcome from the staff, and we ordered the Jasmine Dragon Pearl and Sip Thai Summer Roll first.

I love their Sip Thai Summer Roll as it tastes very fresh and neat. Unlike the majority of Thai restaurant, it doesn't contain any prawn or meat, and it's simply harmonious with their sweet and spicy sauce. The sauce isn't even a heavy and thick peanut sauce which most other Thai places offer. The basil that they use though, oh my, it does make it taste even better!

My man and I chat a lot while eating or waiting, and look what I found out XD. Apparently my man and I got into Thai food ever since we met! My man mostly introduced me to very nice Thai dishes in Australia, and I totally fell in love ever since. Guess what! I was actually telling him about it while having my tea, and I've discovered that he hasn't been that into Thai food until he met me XD LOL. I thought he had a very deep knowledge in Thai food >_< Oh dear! I got completely fooled :P.

Anyways, here are some of the dishes that we ordered :).

Panang Curry and Phad Thai with Prawns!

As for the dessert, we ordered Fried Banana served with a scoop of coconut ice cream. I was quite skeptical at first, but wow! It was really yum without tasting any oily residue <3 Hot and cold, soft and crispy, understated sweetness..they were surprisingly harmonious.

Regardless of how small the place is, their dishes taste all fresh and delicious, but most importantly, the quality of their service is even more delicious! Wow, wow, wow! Simply superb service!

They check our tea pot frequently and refill it with hot water. They even offer us more rice where there isn't enough rice left for the amount of curry that we are having. The staff are simply very pleasant and friendly! There's no artificial smile that can make you feel too awkward XD. We just love the fact that they keep all the dishes and place very neat and make us feel very comfortable.

You can check their full menu on their website.
Oh, by the way, we just discovered that they do delivery as well! Yaaay <3 If you are interested in ordering a delivery or even a pickup, you can do it through Here

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