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Sisley Review > Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-sun Care for All Seasons ( ft. Innisfree & Nature Republic )
As you might have guessed from its name ending with leÿa, that’s right, it’s one of the top premium ranges from Sisley, which also means an eye-watering price for after-sun care....
Review > Korean Tax-Free Skin Care Shopping in Gangnam / Shinnonhyeon Station (ft. Burberry / Aritaum / Innisfree / IOPE / Laneige)
Of course, hitting the big malls and department stores is fun, but I also like to visit individual road shops XD. I guess I prefer them a bit more as no one bothers...
Part 2: How I Use ( Gel / Cotton ) Sheet Masks
If you are not certain which mask you are getting, then you should check out the previous post in this series, Part 1: How to Choose a Right (Gel / Cotton) Sheet Mask [https:...
Part 1: Finding a right mask - (Bio-Cellulose / Cotton) Sheet Masks
Dehydration caused during seasonal changes is indeed very uncomfortable to your skin, which takes away the natural glow, leaving it rather dull and lifeless. This is probably the reason why it's...
Review > Suncare / Make-up products for Spring & Summer (Laneige/Amore Pacific/Chantecaille/Innisfree)
Mr Bun Bun and I were invited to a house party, and we decided to take some photos before sunset! Here’s what I was wearing on the day. Suncare These are some...
Review > Serums for All Skin Types (Part 2 - La Mer/Guerlain/Sisley/Amore Pacific/IOPE/Innisfree)
In the previous post Part 1 [], I talked about toners, today it's all about serums! :D If you don't use serums...