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Published by Jasmine Seo

This was our 2 border collies (Yuna & Yena) second stay with William and Abi on while my man and I were on holidays in South Korea for a few weeks. I must say, we were very happy with both stays :). Being their first extended period away from us we were very concerned but the photo/video updates everyday or two showed they were were really enjoying themselves.

Here are some of the details:

  • William, Abi and their dog Walter are all very nice.
  • Dogs got 30 minutes+ of fetch a day, so they loved it.
  • Their huge backyard is like a luxury resort for apartment dogs.
  • William trained our dog to feel more at home in her crate.
  • The area they live is nice and green with a fairly big off-leash area nearby.

Definitely, we plan on having Yuna and Yena stay with them again <3. Highly recommended!!

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