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Yena's 1st Birthday & Retreat at William's with Yuna (Ft. Tuffy , Rover & Diamond Naturals)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Yes, that's right! It's our little baby Yena's first birthday :). Yay, finally graduating from Diamond Naturals puppy food! Happy birthday, Yena! <3

And as a birthday retreat, Yuna and Yena had lots of fun at William's with his dog Walter (Australian Shepherd at the back) at Mercer Island! :D

It may not seem quite right to categorise/generalise a dog in her horoscope (Taurus), but you know what, I think it somehow makes sense to some extent surprisingly :3.

I'm also a late April born like Yena, so I actually see some common qualities between she and I XD. Trust me, I'm not crazy or drunk, I just simply love her with all my heart :).

First of all, Yena's still a lazy bear! She doesn't like doing all the work when her sister Yuna's around XD. She lets her do all the work. LOL. Accordingly, that leads to the situations where Yena just collects whatever she likes or whatever Yuna has and keeps them to herself :P. She has been doing it since she was little, and thankfully Yuna has been very patient with her little sister :).

You might have guessed, Yena enjoys staying in one position and chilling unless she's in the mood for playing. When she rests though, she needs something underneath her chin to make herself comfortable. She has been even using our pillows on our bed when sleeping with my man and I.

Oh, have I told you that it's not limited to pillows? :P It could be anything! LOL.

I guess Yena really likes to feel some kind of texture against her body. She has also been enjoying sitting on top of anything since little! Well, it could be anyone too :P.

And if she finds it perfectly comfortable and cozy.... there you go, she falls asleep even if that's on top of Yuna's body :P. Do you see how she cleverly used her sister's head as a fine pillow alternative? XD

Well, that doesn't mean she doesn't like to stay in her house and rest by herself. In fact, she doesn't really mind it at all! When she does it though, she likes to bury her face >_<. I don't know why exactly, but she's been doing that too since she was a baby.

Yena also doesn't mind trespassing in her sister's house either:P. She loves relaxing at Yuna's so much that once it made us worried whether Yuna might get upset, but luckily Yuna has been very kind with her sister:).

Blood is thicker than water! Perhaps Yuna and Yena both somehow know that they are half sisters under the same beautiful mother:). They've been getting along very well ever since Yena joined our family. They've been licking others whenever they wake up and cuddle together.

These days Yuna doesn't do that much to Yena as she has been busy with putting her favourite toys on my chest upon wake up :P. However, Yena still does it to show how much she loves her sister <3. As you can tell, Yena has been following Yuna very well since she came to us and even started imitating how Yuna plays with toys.

Even sleeping alike:P.

Speaking of sleeping alike, they also share something in common! Their tongue sometimes sits out while resting XD.

Apparently, it runs in the family :3. Check their mother and uncle!

Anyways, my man and I are simply happy to have Yena alongside her sister Yuna. I'm also very proud of her that she has been growing healthy without any major illness, which matters the most :).

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