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Swiss Perfection Review > Cellular Vitalizing Mask

Published by Jasmine Seo

Cellular Vitalizing Mask was the saviour of my skin to get through harsh summer weather while I was living in Australia. My skin back then was very reactant and easily sensitised, so there was no way that I could use leave-on type of masks especially in summer. That's when I was introduced to Cellular Vitalizing Mask through my sister.

Swiss Perfection Cellular Vitalizing Mask & skincare

Scent & Consistency

Cellular Vitalizing Mask has Swiss Perfection's unique sweet scent, which I love, but my man dislikes :P. I really like it as it brings me good memories in the sun back in Australia, and that's one of the reasons why I continuously buy their skincare. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but it has been helping me with lifting my mood when it gets very cloudy and rainy here. I don't drink, so that's how I get better during my mood swings and insomnia :3

Cellular Vitalizing Mask used to be my go to mask back in Australia where the weather gets extremely hot and humid. It has a very lightweight gel consistency, which also goes onto skin very thin.

Swiss Perfection Cellular Vitalizing Mask & skincare
Swiss Perfection Cellular Vitalizing Mask & skincare

It's the lightest wash-off revitalizing mask that I've ever used and seen in high-end skincare. It's very easy to wash off and skin feels fresh and neat afterwards.

Swiss Perfection Cellular Vitalizing Mask & skincare


Cellular Vitalizing Mask is a genuine skin booster that revitalizes and brightens all skin types especially dull and tired looking.
It takes its outstanding vitalizing qualities from vitamins A and E that also improve the skin’s texture and firmness. In addition, Mallow Flower and Aloe Vera Extract profoundly sooth and hydrate* the skin.

*of the superficial layers of the epidermis



Cellular Vitalizing Mask is one of my favourite masks to use when my skin tends to get oily during my monthly. I also like to use it to charge hydration back into my skin after spending time in the sun on summer days. It doesn't feel particularly soothing, but there's a slight firming effect onto skin while it's working. Sadly though, I personally don't think that it has anything to do with brightening or firming because I haven't seen much difference even after I've been using the mask for long time.

Rather, I feel that it sort of oxygenates skin as my skin texture feels smooth and fresh upon touch after rinsing. It's perfect for hot and humid weather indeed. It works good for summer holidays and even better, it gives me a therapeutic benefit especially through the scent to a certain extent, which is very important to me. I admit that it's the only wash-off hydrating mask that I truly enjoy using and I'm not sure if I will be able to find a replacement of it to save CHF 195! Yes, nothing's for free, is it :P. Having said that, if you are in search of lightweight hydrating mask focused on longevity, then Swiss Perfection Cellular Vitalizing Mask may not be right for you unless you have oily/ combination skin.


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