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Chanel - Le Lift Collection

Chanel - Le Lift Collection
Chanel Review > Gommage Microperlé Éclat (Maximum Radiance Exfoliating Gel)
My very first encounter with Chanel Gommage Microperlé Éclat was through my sister when I was looking through her beauty cabinet in her bathroom a couple of years ago. Gommage Microperlé Éclat (aka...
Review > Luxury Skincare-Part 2 (Chanel vs Estée Lauder vs Dior vs Chantecaille)
I've decided to break down some of the key points on the luxury skincare brands that I couldn't deal with in my previous post (Part 1) including Chanel, Estée Lauder, Dior and Chantecaille....
Chanel Review > Le Lift Skin Recovery Sleep Mask (Tips)
As I've had a positive experience with Le Lift V-Flash Serum, I decided to try out Chanel's new launch to their Le Lift collection, Le Lift Skin Recovery Sleep Mask a few months...
Chanel Review > Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Restorative Cream-Oil
Chanel brought Le Lift Restorative Cream-Oil out just a month after the launch of Le Lift V-Flash Serum in September this year. Despite the fact that I detest all three different types of...
Chanel Review > Le Lift Masque de Massage (Recontouring Massage Mask) & Le Lift Massage Tool
Although there have been certain products that didn't get along with me very well in the Le Lift range, I thought I would try Le Lift Masque de Massage (also known as Recontouring...
Chanel Review > Le Lift V-Flash Serum (Tips / World's Most Expensive Boosting Serum)
Chanel has added a new boosting serum to their firming/anti-wrinkle line Le Lift in August this year. At the beginning when they launched their Le Lift V-Flash, I contemplated whether to try...
Roloxin Lift Review > Instant Skin Smoothing Masque (Technology /Tips/ Application)
I do embrace super technology and the science behind skin care products (as long as they actually work). As a technology-packed skin care junkie, I couldn't possibly not try out Roloxin Lift Instant...