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Guerlain - Super Aqua Collection
Guerlain Review > New to Guerlain? (Where to start/ Tips)
Alongside La Prairie and La Mer in the earlier stages of my luxury skincare routine, I had a huge crush on Guerlain's Super-Aqua range. Hydration is the essence of all anti-aging...
Guerlain Review > Orchidée Impériale Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It?
Although some may recognise Guerlain as a rather perfumery and make-up brand, the company has been actively invested in their skincare lines for at least a decade and I started using their skincare...
Review > Dry Skin Care (La Mer vs La Prairie vs Sisley vs Guerlain /Part1)
As the weather has gotten a lot colder, I thought many of you might have been experiencing similar dry/dehydrated skin issues such as skin flare ups, dry patches, skin itch, random breakouts...
Review > High-end Hydrating Serums (La Mer VS La Prairie VS Sisley VS Chanel VS Guerlain)
I'm still in a celebratory mode for my 10+ year anniversary with major luxury skincare brands, and this is another post dedicated to those luxury skincare brands [
Guerlain Super-Aqua Range Review > Lotion / Serums / Moisturisers / Masks
I madea comparison post on the luxury skin care brands [], so if you are interested or if you are new toluxury skin care brands [https:...