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Review > Dry Skin Care (La Mer vs La Prairie vs Sisley vs Guerlain /Part1)

Published by Jasmine Seo

As the weather has gotten a lot colder, I thought many of you might have been experiencing similar dry/dehydrated skin issues such as skin flare ups, dry patches, skin itch, random breakouts etc. Dramatic temperature differences from indoor to outdoor and poorly circulated enclosed dry air certainly cause our natural skin healing system to procrastinate, and the situation gets worse if we add our daily internal and external stress factors on top of that.


Nevertheless, this is an extension to my previous posts on high-tech luxury skincare posts by focusing on individual products, so if you are interested in comparing different luxury brands and their strengths, I suggest you to check those to see which brand might get along best with your personal taste🧐.

- Luxury Skincare Guide-Part 1 (La Mer VS La Prairie VS Swiss Perfection VS Sisley VS Guerlain)
- Luxury Skincare Guide-Part 2 (Chanel vs Estée Lauder vs Dior vs Chantecaille)
- World's Most Expensive Skincare/ My 10+Years with Best Luxury Beauty (La Mer VS La Prairie VS Sisley VS Chanel VS Guerlain)

In case you don't have much time to read through, here are some of my old posts that might benefit your decision making process too.

- High-end Hydrating Serums (La Mer VS La Prairie VS Sisley VS Chanel VS Guerlain)
- High-end Hydrating Moisturisers (Guerlain vs La Mer vs La Prairie vs Sisley)

Bearing that in mind, let's get started!😊 By the way, this post is very much personally organised based on the experiences from my family and myself, so my suggestions here may differ from what the companies claims.

La Mer

Complementary Products

  • La Mer Anti-aging Serums (The Concentrate/ The Regenerating/ Genaissance de La Mer/ The Lifting Contour/ The Revitalizing Hydrating)
  • La Mer Boosting Essence (The Treatment Lotion/ The Brilliance White Infusion/ Genaissance de La Mer The Infused Lotion)
  • La Mer Treatment Masks (The Lifting and Firming/ The Brilliance Brightening/ The Hydrating Facial/ The Intensive Revitalizing Mask)

La Prairie

Complementary Products


Complementary Products


Complementary Products

Where to buy


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