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Guerlain Review > Orchidée Impériale Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It?

Published by Jasmine Seo

Although some may recognise Guerlain as a rather perfumery and make-up brand, the company has been actively invested in their skincare lines for at least a decade and I started using their skincare since near the beginning. Unlike some of the other luxury skincare companies, Guerlain hasn't seemingly been that active when it comes to their marketing strategy other than generic (more traditional) ones through different magazines.

For this reason, Guerlain skincare may seem a little distant to some of the more trendy skincare-aholic minds. I personally like Guerlain skincare for their innovations through active product research and improvements, and I believe that their low product discontinuation may be one of the reasons why they have a religiously loyal client base even including older generations.


Not just limited to myself, my mother and my older sister, my extended family members including my grandmothers and aunties have used Guerlain for many years, and we have still been incorporating their products into our skincare regimen customised to our personal needs and taste. Amongst their skincare ranges, their most prestigious Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care collection has been most used by us, so I thought I would share some of the experiences that we've had😊.

To begin with, Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care products aren't the ideal for those with skin sensitivity towards chemicals, fragrance and preservative related skin allergens. Having said that, Guerlain doesn't tend to add essential oils in general, so their products can be a great alternative to those whose skin is more sensitive to those potent essential oils than chemical alternatives. My mother and I fall into this category, so we haven't had any issues with their Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care products.

I've noticed that those Orchidée Impériale products work very well when it comes to hormonal aging, whether it's about hormone induced imbalance in skin including menopause and PMS. My sister used those products during her late pregnancy and as a postpartum skincare routine after breastfeeding period. Orchidée Impériale products contains Gotu Kola (aka centella asiatica), which isn't usually recommended to be used during pregnancy, but it really depends on how one would interpret the penetration level of topical skincare products in general, which is another heated controversy in the field. Anyway, I'm not going to dive deeper in that matter, but I will just clarify that my sister has two healthy clever children now, and she didn't age much at all even after her two pregnancies in her 30s.

I also had a great experience especially during my life at Australian National University when I was exposed to not only constant stress from assignments and weekly quizes, but also to weekly social drinking occasions😆. I often got breakouts from irregular poor diet and sleep pattern, and Orchidée Impériale products were my serious saviour sent from heaven😂. Sorry, that's a bit exagerated, but it did help healing those freshly poped pimples that I could put on my make-up the next day and show up in the lecture hall as if my skin isn't that affected by my irregular lifestyle, haha🤣.

Although the company doesn't categorise the range clearly under detox skincare, I think that they work well as a detox skincare regime based my years of observation. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale products are also convenient during a consecutive period of weight gain and loss whether from stress or hormonal imbalance as they seem to help well with maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. If you have started experiencing menopause or any hormonally related skin aging, I would say that it may be worthwhile to check Guerlain Orchidée Impériale products to see if they work for your skin🧐. Fyi, when some people go through hormonal changes in their body, their skin type often changes and/or may be more inclined to sensitivity towards certain ingredients, so I highly recommend you to do a patch test at least before purchasing🤞.

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