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Review > Korean Tax-Free Skin Care Shopping in Gangnam / Shinnonhyeon Station (ft. Burberry / Aritaum / Innisfree / IOPE / Laneige)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Of course, hitting the big malls and department stores is fun, but I also like to visit individual road shops XD. I guess I prefer them a bit more as no one bothers you and you are free to test and play with the products. I feel that you somehow get more freebies at individual shops with lots of perks. Every shop wants more clients ie. sales, right? Trust me, Korean cosmetic counters are very good with that ;). You know what I mean :P.

I just got three of my wisdom teeth extracted after contemplating whether I should for the past 7 years or so. LOL. And here I am with my man, full of products!

So I went to the shop called Aritaum owned by Amore Pacific company, which basically had most of the things that I needed XD. The shop has most of the Korean skin care/CC cushion brands that you are familiar with such as Laneige and IOPE.

We first got in and we found these cool looking beer bathing products.

Then, we found a mirror that gives you a full make-up instantly, which was our favourite part >_<. Naturally, we played quite a bit in front of the mirror. LOL.

We also checked some new products and the huge sheet mask section! Yes, sheet mask wonderland :).

You know what, I wanted to pass by the IOPE section, but I couldn't resist but to check their upgraded CC cushions. In the end, my man and I got skin analysis with this machine they had, and the result was quite shocking! We both have enough hydration in our skin, but we need more oil T_T. Time to strengthen our skin barrier! +_+ Very good to know indeed.

Oh, by the way, if you join a membership with Aritaum, you get extra discounts and members only boxed full / deluxe size samples along with more deluxe samples. And you can also get them tax-free at the counter, which is another plus.

Across the road from Aritaum, we also went to Innisfree next as I simply love the brand! :D
Their products are very affordable and natural, yet the quality is pretty impressive. My man and I are indeed a massive fan of their masks <3.

Of course, the place isn't as big as Aritaum, but the service was equally superb. The sales assistant even put some samples in the bag specially for my man :D. Thank you!
I purchased some of their new products, so keep an eye on my blog for a detailed review :).

After that, we checked out a shop that seemed to have pretty interesting stuff.

And we got some carnations, handmade body/hair soaps, a fan and a sheet mask!

Oh my, by the time we went back to the hotel, my legs and feet were very sore from so much walking and standing XD. But I think it was well worth it, certainly by looking at all the freebies that I got! :P


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