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Review > Suncare / Make-up products for Spring & Summer (Laneige/Amore Pacific/Chantecaille/Innisfree)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Mr Bun Bun and I were invited to a house party, and we decided to take some photos before sunset!

Here’s what I was wearing on the day.

Missoni, Chanel, YSL & Saint Laurent

Charlotte Olympia


These are some of the suncare products that I’ve been religiously using for the past 4 years or so at least.


Innisfree sunblock

Innisfree suncare products have always been in my beauty cabinet since high school. Innisfree is part of Amore Pacific group, so they constantly work on the formula and ingredients that they use for the better. As Innisfree is a natural brand, I’ve been finding their sun care products very gentle. My man and I have been using mattifying Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock 35 PA+++ and Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++ together this summer, and we didn’t get any sun burn. By the way, my man has very sensitive dry skin with eczama and I have dehydrated normal to combination skin during summer.

Both of them leave a bit of a white cast sadly, but if you have a light skin you won’t need to worry about it. They are both great as a make-up base, not just for colour correcting, but for the longevity of the make-up that you put on afterwards. So I’ve been using the waterproof one as a make-up base underneath any foundation that I put on. And I’ve been applying the mattifying one around my t-zone area where it gets a bit oily. It does mattify well, so if you have a dehydration problem, you will need to put on some hydrating serum or moisturiser underneath. If you are looking for classic sun care products, you should check them out.


Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 45 primer

I’ve been using Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 45 primer for the past 4-5 years religiously. It comes in a runny emulsion form. The way it glides on and the finish of it is quite similar to La Prairie Extrait of Skin Caviar Complex Sheer Oil-free Emulsion (full review), but the Chantecaille one is more hydrating and slightly thicker.

It leaves a beautiful dewy glow and provides very long lasting deep hydration. You can even use it by itself, skipping moisturiser, primer and sunscreen. That’s right, I love all in one products! <3 It’s translucent, so if you need some colour correction you will need to use some concealer and/or a CC cushion or foundation, whatever you like to use :).

Chanel Pearl necklace & Missoni

Here are the ones that I discovered in the states a few years ago.


Nia24 Sun Damage Prevention SPF30

If you are looking for a budget version of La Prairie Sun Protection Emulsion for Face Sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 30, Nia24 Sun Damage Prevention SPF30 is the one! It gives a very good long lasting hydration, but I would say it’s slightly less hydrating than the La Prairie one. It’s quite beautifully scented, and you can even skip a moisturiser during summer, which is what I love about it the most. It has been my go to product in the morning when I take Yuna out to play some frisbee. No white cast!

The only downside though, if you apply close to your eyes, it can bother your eyes throughout the day. And NEVER EVER sleep in the sunscreen, it hurts your eyes LOL. ( Oopsie, naughty me XD but I was just too tired, so I needed to take a nap >_<. ) It’s very easy to reapply, it doesn’t come off! So if you have a 2 in 1 product ( moisturiser combined sun care ) and have some dehydration issues during warm seasons, you definitely should try it. The Nia25 sunscreen comes in an oil-free version as well.

John Masters Organics

John Masters Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen

I’ve been a huge fan of John Masters Organics hair care for years. And I just started getting into his skin care products a few years ago. I must say, this Natural Mineral Sunscreen(they just renewed their packaging) is perfect for any sensitive areas. If you are not a traditional sunstick fan, you definitely should try this! Back of neck, hands, eye areas, nose bridge, back of ears… it works!

It doesn’t feel very sticky or drying out when applied to skin, which I love. It does take a bit of rubbing and patting to get it fully absorbed though. It provides subtle hydration, but it leaves a bit of white cast since it’s mineral based. If you are after fool-proof ingredients, this is just right for you. It’s a healthy formula for your skin! Especially, if you are pregnant or nursing with eczema, you should try this! So gentle <3

And new discovery this year! :)

Amore Pacific Resort Collection: Sun Protection Cushion broad spectrum SPF 30+, Sun Protection Stick broad spectrum SPF 50+, Sun Protection Mist broad spectrum SPF 30

Sun Protection Mist broad spectrum SPF 30

Sun Protection Cushion broad spectrum SPF 30+

Sun Protection Stick broad spectrum SPF 50+

I wrote a full review on the products, so if you are interested, click HERE.
These products really come in handy during holiday seasons when you need to reapply your SPF products. I would say the sun cushion is certainly revolutionary since it did answer the universal question when it comes to SPF products; How do we reapply SPF products during the day?


Chanel, Missoni & YSL


Laneige BB cushion and Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact broad spectrum SPF 50+

Laneige BB cushion & Amore Pacific Color Control CC cushion

My must-have for every season! <3 I’ve been using CC cushions for years, and by far these two are my top favourites! I reviewed these products on my previous post in detail, so I won’t talk much further here :). If you want sun protection with buildable coverage, these are just right for you. It applies very light and cooling, yet it’s very easy to touch up throughout the day. It’s healthier and lighter than traditional foundations on the market, and provides such a high SPF 50.

It may seem expensive at a glance, but it comes with refill, so I figure it’s a pretty reasonably priced considering how long it lasts. Of course, if you layer lots, then you won’t get much out of it :P. I’ve normally been applying about 2-3 layers (6-7 dabs on the sponge in total) a day, and it took a few months for me to finish one refill. Meaning, if you get one of them, it should last at least 4-6 months depending on how much and how often you use.

Chantecaille Poudre Haute Protection Naturelle SPF 46 PA+++

Chantecaille Poudre Haute Protection Naturelle SPF 46 PA+++

The powder is very finely milled and doesn’t dry out skin. I’ve been using the powder for a few years already and it hasn’t caused any breakouts, although I’ve been reapplying throughout sweaty summer. It doesn’t provide any coverage, so you will need some base make-up beforehand if you need so. The only downside that I can think of is that it’s indeed very pricy based on how much you get.

Oh, of course, it’s Chantecaille… quality guaranteed, yet eye watering price :(. And the face brush that comes with the powder can be a bit irritating at the beginning. It’s soft, but it’s still rougher than the brushes that I use O_O. however, the brush lasts really long… so there you go, that can be a good thing XD. If you want an alternative budget version, you should try Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 and Oily Problem Skin Instant Mineral SPF30 depending on your skin type . I’ve used them for years in the past and they worked well for me.

By Terry Light Expert & By Terry Cover Expert Foundations

By Terry Light Expert & Cover Expert

I wrote a full review on By Terry foundations previously, so you can read it from HERE if you want to know further. Both of them are beautifully scented and have been working great on my skin without breaking me out. I’ve gone through a few bottles each since they last really long although they may seem a bit expensive. They last me a bit more than a year, and I haven’t experienced any oxidation problem either.

Light Expert works great when you want that polished natural look without much coverage and a traditional foundation feeling on your skin. Cover Expert has a bit more dense creamy consistency which can actually replace concealer and foundation. You can build it up to full coverage and it stays on long.

Chanel Waterproof Eye Liner in 30 Marine

Chanel waterproof eye liner

During warm seasons, I normally wear sunnies, so I quite often skip eye makeup. Haha that’s right, I love that about spring and summer XD. However, at least there are two things that I’ve been trying not to skip; using eye liner and my eyelash curler. I just want a defined look in sweaty summer even when I go grocery shopping :P. So the one that I’ve been using for the last 2 years is Chanel eye liner, which feels less harsh than the normal black eye liner. It doesn’t smudge easily and stays on very well even in hot humid summer weather.

Where to Buy


So… this is what happens whenever I try to take a selfie -_- LOL.

Chanel pearl necklace & Missoni
Chanel pearl necklace & Missoni
Chanel pearl necklace & Missoni
Chanel pearl necklace & Missoni

Yep, very sneaky indeed!
He may seem really ridiculous there… in reality, he isn’t! :P

Oh, thank god XD (kidding:P)


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