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La Prairie - The Skin Caviar Collection

La Prairie - The Skin Caviar Collection
Review > La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift VS La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum
I was very much invested in lifting serums when I was in my mid 20's as I was heavily focused on my weight management especially during my cycle, so I naturally used a...
La Prairie Review > Cellular Radiance Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It? (Concentrate/Eye Cream/Fluide Gold/Cream/Emulsion)
I will be straightforward here, the majority of La Prairie Radiance products [] are very emollient and rich, which is exceptionally good for those with dry/mature skin....
La Prairie Review > New to La Prairie? (Where to start/ Tips)
La Prairie has been expanding their skincare range, and I have been asked frequently over the past years mostly in regards to where to begin. I've already written different posts on La Prairie...
Luxury Anti-Aging Skincare Review > La Mer VS La Prairie (Firming & Lifting/ Part 2)
This is the Part 2 of La Mer vs La Prairie firming/ lifting products. Part 1 * Luxury Anti-Aging Skincare - La Mer VS La Prairie (Anti-wrinkle & plumping/ Part 1) [
La Prairie Review > Masks & Intensive treatments (Skin Caviar/ Platinum Rare)
Holiday season is approaching, and I personally think that a bit of indulgence isn't too bad if you are looking for an intensive treatment to get your skin ready for holiday gatherings 😉. Considering...
La Prairie Review > Anti-Aging Skincare - Lifting/ Firming (Part 2)
This post is an extension of the previous La Prairie Anti-wrinkle Skincare post [] that I wrote, so feel free to check it out if you like to alternate...
La Prairie Review> Boosting Treatments (Essence-in-lotion/ Oil/ First essence)
If you are uncertain about how you can take your daily skincare ritual to a next level, I suggest you check out boosting essence [] as they tend...
La Prairie Review > Anti-Aging Skincare - Anti-wrinkle/ Plumping (Part 1)
This is the first post in my personal La Prairie anti-aging skincare series [], and please check my La Prairie skincare overview [] before...
La Prairie Review > Skin Caviar (Firming Treatment/ 30 Years Anniversary)
To celebrate 30 years of La Praire's expertise in Skin Caviar, I decided to make a special post for their Skin Caviar. Skin Caviar is the very first product that was developed in...
La Prairie Review > Skin Caviar Luxury Holiday Value Kit (Essence-in-Lotion/ Liquid Lift/ Sleep Mask)
My La Prairie [] holiday set that I've ordered for this year has arrived, and I feel already very excited simply because Christmas is a bit over a...