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La Prairie Review > Cellular Radiance Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It? (Concentrate/Eye Cream/Fluide Gold/Cream/Emulsion)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I will be straightforward here, the majority of La Prairie Radiance products are very emollient and rich, which is exceptionally good for those with dry/mature skin. I would also add, those who has been going through intense hormonal skin aging such as menopause.

And the Radiance collection has never quite seemed to be fully endorsed by the company all these years, and I can 0nly guess that it could be simply because those products are quite targeted for specific skin type, and of course the price.

When my mum was going through menopause, her major focus was on fool-proof hydration (ie. balance) as she was constantly getting hot flushes so her skin was having a difficult time figuring out what to do on its own. On top of that, my mum has a very bad habit in not drinking enough water each day, and it was still happening despite hot flushes.

During that period (and still now), she alternated her skincare products between Platinum Rare and Radiance ranges. My 61-year-old mum has never done any in-office treatments in her life, so her skin isn't completely wrinkle-free, but everyone around her completely agrees that those products helped significantly as her expression lines developed in a more neat way. In addition to that, there are no major wrinkles around her face, neck and decollete. She also admits that those products have been one of the big contributors for her beautiful skin aging, which also enhanced her confidence throughout her menopause, and she could easily tell just by looking at her friends' skin at social gatherings.

I love my mum, and of course, I want to give the world to her if I could, but I'm just one of those daughters who cares a lot about their mum, and I personally feel that curating the skincare routine for my mum before/during/after menopause was the best thing that I've done for her femininity/beauty (from her standards).

There have been an increasing number of gold ingredient oriented products over the past years on the market, but I would say that not all the skincare products are the same. Based on my and my family's experiences with Radiance products for well over a decade, I have started noticing differences even more as my skin is aging too😉. I feel that La Prairie Radiance products are more focused on providing deep hydration while helping the skin barrier and combating further future moisture loss. And over the course of time, you can start seeing the results including restored skin glow and smooth texture, which makes skin feels more resilient, supple and plumped.

If you have read my individual post on their Radiance collection, I mentioned all the Radiance products instantly brings some oomph to your skin alongside intense moisturisation and immaculate glow to skin. They all work well with other La Prairie products, and you can mix and match depending on your skin needs. For instance, if your main focus is more about lifting, I suggest you to consider incorporating their Skin Caviar or Platinum Rare range into your skincare regime for better enhanced results.

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