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KTX First Class Review (Korea Train Express / Korail)
We are heading to Busan after a few days in Seoul as our family’s dying to see us :p just kidding XD My mother kindly got 2 first class KTX tickets from...
Review > Korean Tax-Free Skin Care Shopping in Gangnam / Shinnonhyeon Station (ft. Burberry / Aritaum / Innisfree / IOPE / Laneige)
Of course, hitting the big malls and department stores is fun, but I also like to visit individual road shops XD. I guess I prefer them a bit more as no one bothers...
Tips / Review > Getting Around Seoul & Ramada Hotel
My man and I arrived in Seoul a few days ago and we stayed at Ramada Hotel Seoul [] . There were a few hotels that...
맛집 후기 / 추천 > 칠백 식당 (삼성동 / 선정릉역)
칠백 식당 []은 GS칼텍스 주유소 옆에 있는 골목 안쪽으로 1-2분 정도 걸어들어가서 왼쪽에 위치해있다. 위치는 상당히 찾기 쉬움 ㅎ 보통 '식당'이라고 하면 가격이 다른곳들에...
La Prairie Review > Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask (Tips / Part 3: Swiss Cellular White Collection)
Here are my thoughts on La Prairie's very first and only sheet mask after having used it over 4 years :). Texture & Scent Scent is not a big problem, it’s...
KOREAN AIR > Prestige Business Class ( SYD <-> ICN ) & DAVI Skin Care ( 대한항공 > 프리스티지 비스니스 클래스 & 다비 스킨케어 )
Somehow I messed up with my blog posting schedule, and finally here I am with this XD. ( Trust me, I've been meaning to post this a while ago >_<.) I...