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La Prairie Review > Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask (Tips / Part 3: Swiss Cellular White Collection)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Here are my thoughts on La Prairie's very first and only sheet mask after having used it over 4 years :).

La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Illuminating Mask
La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Illuminating Mask

Texture & Scent

La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Illuminating Mask
La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Illuminating Mask

Scent is not a big problem, it’s barely noticeable XD.
It has a totally different consistency and look from their Swiss Cellular White Triple Action Concentrated Essence (full review) and White Caviar Illuminating Serum. It’s more of a concentrated white gel-cream consistency soaked in a cotton sheet. Basically, their discontinued Swiss Cellular White Intensive Whitening Mask in a jar version is now in sheet mask form with a bit more hydrating power, which is great for someone who doesn’t like the rinse off types.

Some people who are more used to gel or light essence type masks might not like it because La Prairie Swiss Cellular Illuminating Mask leans more towards the heavier and richer side of the spectrum. Due to its consistency, it can peel off a bit if you massage it in too much after taking the mask off. It can even start peeling off if you put on a moisturiser with the wrong consistency, so I suggest you follow up with a thick creamy type moisturiser on top if you want to layer. I normally like to layer La Prairie Cellular Time Release Intensive Moisturiszer(full review) during winter. However, I have a deluxe sample that I got from Caudalie, so I’ve been enjoying their Night Renewal Cream (full review), which has a very delicious bouncy creamy texture that melts into skin beautifully.


Swiss Cellular White Collection offers unprecedented translucency and glow.

What sets these whiteners apart is the unique Skin Whitening Complex which combines Ascorbyl Glucoside, a vitamin C derivative that helps inhibit the production of melanin, with Licorice Extract, to help reduce discolouration for a fairer, more even skin tone.

La Prairie’s exclusive Ozone Protection Complex fights ozone molecules that have a damaging effect on the skin similar to free radicals.

Brightening and lightening benefits are elevated to a new level of efficacy with the exceptional properties and remarkable effectiveness of these two whitening technologies. Your face is enlivened and brightened.



La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask provides deep hydration and comfort instantly and is very long lasting. I would say it’s very comparable to the Guerlain Super Aqua sheet mask, but I found the La Prairie one way more hydrating and soothing. It’s very quenching that most of the time I skip moisturisers even though La Prairie recommends to follow with a moisturiser.

Right after taking off the mask

La Prairie Skin Caviar, Facial & Spa

La Prairie Skin Caviar, Facial & Spa

It certainly does illuminate skin instantly, but it’s more of a healthy and hydrated glow rather than a pearly or shimmery glow. As for spot lightening, I’ve gone through over ten boxes of the sheet masks, but I didn’t really see much change by itself. However, it actually lightened my brown spots quite well when used together with Swiss Cellular White Active Spot Corrector(full review) with continuous usage. My sun spots also didn’t get worse, so I believe that it’s excellent for maintenance too. Although Illuminating Mask seems better at plumping skin, I personally feel that that their discontinued Swiss Cellular White Intensive Ampoules they used to carry a long time ago brightened up skin much more effectively. Oh no, now I’m sad just thinking of it :(.

Regardless, the quality of cotton sheet is in fact very impressive and superb. It’s quite thick and firm compared to any other cotton sheet masks that I’ve tried, and it holds very well. Thanks to its perfect fit, I can even work on my computer while waiting. It hardly moves around.

La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Illuminating Mask

La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Illuminating Mask

Also, it contains so much essence that I could even cover my entire neck, decollete, hands and lower arm areas. And the result? Instant plumping and after sleep, my hands felt so much smoother and better XD. I also felt that it slightly lightens the back of my hands.

A night after using the mask (puffy face >_<)

Tips & Usage

Because it has so much expensive essence, I naturally developed my own way of using the sheet masks without wasting any from years of trial and error XD. LOL. I know it sounds a bit stingy.. but...... I paid that much money, right? :P. If you want to know about it, check out the previous parts of this series: Part 1: How to Choose a Right (Gel/ Cotton) Sheet Mask and Part 2: How I Use ( Gel/ Cotton ) Sheet Masks. So I've been using Illuminating Mask in the way that I explained in Part 2: How I Use ( Gel/ Cotton ) Sheet Masks.

I’ve been using the mask since 2012 religiously and I have always found it quite difficult to use during hot summer or even in the warmer side of spring, just mainly because it feels just a bit too rich on my skin. So I have been enjoying it during autumn and winter mostly. For that reason, I would say La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask is best for normal to dry / dehydrated skin types.

Where to buy


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