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Valmont Review > Moisturizing Cream with a Mask (VS La Prairie Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Today, I thought I would introduce one of my go-to masks to you; Valmont Moisturizing Cream with a Mask. Just like how I started using Cellcosmet skincare products, there was my sister behind Valmont too🤣. My sister enjoys pampering herself, and Valmont spa was one of the spas that she tagged me along years ago. My combination skin back then didn't get along with their products much (other than in Winter) as I was still living in a hot and humid climate, but as my skin has become less active and mostly normal, I've been using their products on a regular basis pretty much since I moved from Australia to the States.

Scent & Consistency

Valmont Moisturizing Cream with a Mask smells quite floral. It has a dense creamy consistency, yet spreads easily.

I suggest you to apply with a swift motion, I normally start from the center of my face and move towards outwards then down to my neck.

I'm mentioning this because it forms a fine veil on top, so it can cake if you try to massage it in or keep rubbing in too much. Upon application though, skin feels instantly comforted and well-hydrated.


I personally like to use Valmont Moisturizing Cream with a Mask right after taking a shower, and I would usually give my body a massage while it's working. Upon rinsing off with water, skin feels velvety soft and well-nourished. Especially in Summer or when I'm on my cycle, I often don't even bother following with a serum or moisturiser as my normal skin tends to feel supple enough after using the mask. So I would just spray some mist, and maybe put a drop or two of my face oil. I usually take this opportunity as my skincare detox period, letting my skin to just breathe and focus on its own self-healing.

In the beginning when I first got the mask, I accidentally used it as an overnight mask as I didn't even read the package and I took it as a face cream. I only found that out a few weeks after, and I never had a doubt as I always woke up with well-rested supple skin without any breakouts.

Despite the company's instruction, I still sometimes use it as an overnight mask when I know that I had a stressful day, the only downside is that you will see white marks of the mask everywhere on your skin depending on how you sleep. In my case, I toss a lot while sleeping, so my face look quite messy upon waking up. You wouldn't want to use it as an overnight mask on a romantic night as the mask rubs off easily.

The mask works well during flights, and I used it last year for my trip back to Australia which took well over 20 hours each way. Before getting onto the plane, my aim was just not to let my skin dry out in the dry cabin air as I knew that I would get some breakouts as it was a long flight. However, my skin did surprisingly well, and didn't get any bumps or patches other than my panda eyes from lack of sleep, which was still a pleasant surprise as I recall. How I used Valmont Moisturizing Cream with a Mask was very simple; I just put the mask on my face, then just wiped off with a cotton round either soaked in mist or warm water before putting any skincare products onto my skin. I repeated the routine once every 9 hours in the plane.

Valmont VS La Prairie

The sensation that you get while the mask is working is quite different; the Valmont one gives more of nourishing feel to skin, whereas the La Prairie one brings slight firming sensation as an extra. Scent-wise, the La Prairie one smells a little more subtle, but neither of those masks are fragrance free. They both are great for quenching skin with a well-rested skin glow regardless of season.

Based on my personal experience though, I would say that Valmont Moisturizing Cream with a Mask works great particularly with volumising/anti-wrinkle skincare products, and brightening/lifting skincare regime with La Prairie Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask. If your skin has been suffering from constant dehydration and dryness, the Valmont one might be better for you as it provides intense hydration as it's one of few wash-off hydrating masks that has been working well for my skin in terms of hydration longevity without causing any irritation even during my PMS.

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