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Chanel Review > Blue Serum (Boosting serum)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Initially I thought that Chanel launched Blue Serum as a part of their first proper men's skincare for Le Bleu de Chanel since they already have a pretty big range XD. However, it turned out that my guess was wrong! :P. Aww it would've been nice if my man could match Chanel skincare with me though :3. Regardless, it's still great to see Chanel joining the layering skincare trend inspired by Korean beauty (aka K-Beauty). Although Chanel has just joined in very late with this trend as most of their major competitors have already begun.

Over the past few years, I've been very curious to see how Chanel would make a move as you all know that Chanel has been fairly resistant to outside trends. However, ever since last year the company has begun to surprise me. Last year was probably the peak in Chanel skincare entering a different beauty culture for the first time. It was very fresh to me that Chanel finally opened its gate and let the transformation begin. They launched specialised boosting serums in different categories with their unique formulations.

I had honestly been losing interest in Chanel skincare before as I prefer companies that do constant research for the better and there had been a slump for Chanel. But the company had started to catch my attention since last year, which is a good news. This new year, I'm here with their most recent launch this month, Blue Serum. Initially, I contemplated a lot whether I should get a full size, but then I wasn't sure if I would like the new boosting serum as much as other Chanel ones. So I concluded that I would try a travel size sample first, then decide. Who knows, I might hate it like some other Chanel products, or I might love it like the ones that I reviewed previously :). And here's how I feel about their boosting serum!

Chanel Blue Serum & skincare


Yes, Chanel added another scent to their new launch that smells different from their other skincare lines. At first, I smell alcohol, then I thought that it smells quite familiar, more like an after-shave. Then, there's some sweetness and powderyness to it. It smells more like perfume. Oh dear, Chanel just came out with a proper skincare perfume.

I honestly wouldn't mind the scent if I could wear it rather than on my skin. I feel that they put a bit more attention to their fragrance, which is good, but bad news for those with fragrance sensitivity. The scent doesn't linger too long, so you won't smell it as much after a few minutes. It doesn't give me a headache, but I feel sick for the first few minutes after it's applied. At least I didn't get any breakouts or irritation, which is good.


On cleansed skin, perform the BLUE SERUM APPLICATION TECHNIQUE. Then, apply BLUE SERUM daily morning and evening, before your usual skincare.


It combines pressure points with fingertips (x3) and deep smoothing movements outwards with index and medium finger (x3) on the following areas:

1- Jawline: pressure points from the medium line between the chin and lower lip, then deep smoothing movements to the earlobes.

2- The corners of the lips: pressure points from the corners of the lips, then deep smoothing movements on the cheeks to finish on the ears.

3- Nostrils: pressure points from the external part of the nostrils, then deep smoothing movements to the temples.

4- Forehead: pressure points with all the fingers from a vertical line in the middle of the forehead, then deep smoothing movements to the temples.

5- Temples: perform 3 circular movements on the temples with the fingertips, then go behind the ears and finish down to the clavicles.



Blue Serum comes in a dense gel serum texture, which doesn't feel oily or heavy at all.

Chanel Blue Serum & skincare

There's no cooling sensation upon application, rather, it just spreads easy and gives a slight firming effect.

Chanel Blue Serum & skincare
Chanel Blue Serum & skincare

My skin feels a bit sticky to the touch, but it isn't a problem as I follow with a moisturiser. I was surprised that afterwards my skin feels quite firmed rather than hydrated, which I didn't expect at all.


A lightweight, nourishing serum that helps keep skin looking younger, firmer and healthier. After 4 weeks of use, skin appears smoother, with a 35% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, 26% firmer and 37% more even.*

Key Ingredients

Inspired by the regions where people live longer: the Blue Zones, Chanel Research sourced three longevity ingredients from the diet of the Blue Zone populations for the first time in a breakthrough skincare.


Heightened antioxidant properties help shield the complexion. Following a specific Polyfractioning extraction process, the resulting Green Coffee PFA** contains 70 times more antioxidant active molecules than are found in regular coffee beans.


Essential fatty acids and higher-level skin-fortifying polyphenols help protect skin. The patented Oleo-Eco-Extraction process delivers their most powerful properties.


Naturally occurring Oleanolic Acid helps reinforce skin’s natural restorative abilities. Purified through CO2 Supercritical Extraction, these molecules ensure optimal protection for skin.

*Clinical evaluation of 44 women

**PFA: Polyfractioned Active. An ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredient created through an exclusive patented Chanel technology.



Blue Serum seems to work very well with other firming and lifting skincare moisturisers. Although I still feel that Chanel Le Lift V-Flash Serum gives a better jawline contour, I've noticed that Blue Serum works great on the mid face including the cheek area. Having said that, it won't be an ideal for dehydrated skin as it sort of failed to relieve the inner thirst in my skin :/. Nevertheless, it's a good one for the whole year as long as you don't have any dehydration issues, otherwise, I would mainly use it in warmer seasons when my skin is most likely to be normal.

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