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LA MER Skincare Purchase Guide

Published by Jasmine Seo

I have noticed a lot of people visited my blog to read about La Prairie and comparisons of luxury skincare brands, So I decided to make a purchase guide on La Mer products!🧐

Please be aware of the fact that this is a personal review, so you shouldn't solely rely on what I am going to list here. HOWEVER, you can trust my review since I am very careful and honest when I review products.
I have been using La Mer over six years, and I have not yet experienced their claim that it's "a miracle"..


Although there has been no miracle for me sadly, I know that it has been working since I have not yet gained any noticeable aging on my skin!

Before listing the products that you can replace to more reasonably priced products on the market, here are the products that I HAVE NOT tried yet;

A. The Face and Body Gradual Tan
B.The Reparative Body Sun Lotion Borad Spectrum SPF 30

So, here is the list of the products that I personally think that you can replace to some other brands. These products do work, but I just found out the products from other brands work as much as these do. If you have been using these products and are happy with them, then you do not need to quit using them.

A. Cleansers
B. The Tonic
C. The Mist
D. The Eye Balm Intense
E. The Lifting Intensifier
F. The Hydrating Facial
G. Creme de La Mer (Rich Cream)
H. The Moisturizing Soft Cream
I. The Moisturizing Gel Cream
J. The Reparative Body Lotion
K. The Body Refiner
L. The Reparative Face Sun Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I hope this was a bit of help for those who are about to change their regime to La Mer, or contemplating the high end skincare brands😊. Thanks for reading!

Heureuse année 2014!🤞

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