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Review > Gel nail with Yoko at Y's Nail / Japanese Nail Art (Sola Studios in downtown, Bellevue)

Published by Jasmine Seo

It has already been a few weeks since I got my nails done! :O

Chanel CC Cream & Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion SPF 50

Chanel CC Cream & Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion SPF 50

On my Face

So I made an appointment with Yoko (See her nail work) at Y's Nail just like last time. I remember I was being very unprepared / naughty for not thinking of what I wanted in advance :P Oh, thank god that Yoko was very patient and kind enough to go through the nail art magazine with me to choose the design that I wanted XD.

Regardless, a lesson has been learned and I went there with some ideas that I wanted to try! So, I checked Yoko's blog first as she has lots of photos of her work, which makes it way easier to decide what to pick if you are lazy like me. Kidding :P.
Anyways, I picked those two as I thought they would go very well together regardless of how summery it feels.

So I brought those photos and showed them to Yoko if she could do the first one as a base and the beads and flowers on top from the other photo. I also asked her if she could use some nice soft green colour as I've been just enjoying green somehow these days :3.

And voilà!

Y's Nail & Japanese nail art
Y's Nail & Japanese nail art

Are they not b-u-tiful? <3
I just simply adore her work! She's very professional and trust me, I love chatting with her >_<. LOL. She's very easy going and natural that doesn't make me feel awkward, which I love about the most other than her work.

Again, I very much enjoyed the tea that I picked (you get to choose the type of tea that you want from the pretty great selection) and her work :D. Of course, I always love the lollies that I get afterwards too :3 (I'm such a kid! LOL. No, I'm not! >:-( Hehe;))

Weather's grey here again, but my mood is all sunny indeed! :)
Thank you, Yoko!

Check her blog for more great artwork!:D

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