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Sisley Review > Moisturizer with Cucumber

Published by Jasmine Seo

My family have long used Sisley products (including my grandmothers and mother too), well before they started using La Prairie products. I always enjoyed going shopping with them, because I got free goods most of the times XD. Come on, I was a teen! :P
And of course, when they go cosmetic shopping, the managers normally gave me samples, which was very kind of them. But I never really paid much attention to them, because as I said in earlier posts, I didn't really use any moisturisers apart from sunscreens and eye cream. I did use the samples at night though since I didn't like throwing things away O_O.

Haha, and one of those samples was Moisturiser with Cucumber, which "Wow"ed my normal/combo skin a night after! So I started using it whenever someone got it for me as a gift along with their Phyto-Blanc Lightening Foaming Cleanser, which is still one of my favourite foaming cleansers. Gosh, I've been using their cleanser since I was a teen! I didn't know that I've been using it so religiously :O.  Hahaha good to know!!

Anyways, ever since I went to Latin America back when I was in university, my skin got drier and more dehydrated so I stopped using Moisturiser with Cucumber. But I still use their hydrating masks underneath my moisturiser; Express Flower GelBlack Rose Cream Mask and Hydra-Flash. I previously wrote about Sisley Face Masks, so go and have a read about them if you like to know more! By the way, some skins are reactant to the active botanical ingredients in this moisturiser, so make sure you test before you buy.

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