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My Skin care Regime when Moving in Late Winter (ft. Essence of the Sun)

Published by Jasmine Seo

It has already been a few weeks since my man and I moved to the new place :). I actually put up some cute photos of Yuna and Yena when we were busy packing, but this time I thought I should talk about the skin care routine that I followed.

Personal Dilemma

Well, we were not honestly thinking of moving out until August this year, but it just all happened within two weeks. Meaning, that's right, we only had two weeks to organise, clean and pack everything! :O. I'm not sure about you, but I easily get stressed and get insomnia if there are tasks to be done within a very short period of time. And my personality doesn't allow others to pack our goods, mainly because I cannot be sure that they will pack in a way that I would pack (if you know what I mean ;) ). Even worse, I was on that time of the month... so I was just very stressed and cranky most of the time...:/

As you all know by now from my previous PMS skin care routine post, I normally keep my skin care regime quite simple when I'm under pain. However, as I just didn't have much time for packing and organising (and looking after Yuna and Yena) on top of massive stress and pressure, my skin care routine got even more simple.

Overcoming Difficulties

Dust was everywhere, vacuum cleaning wherever possible, so much packing and heavy lifting, poor irregular diet, too much caffeine, lack of sun from so much raining, PMS symptoms..... in a word, it was a disaster :/.

Due to those factors, I had to set some rules for myself to decrease sensitivity on my skin in the dusty stressful environment.

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Always keeping hair out of face, ears and neck as much as possible
  • Never touching face with dirty hands
  • No make-up other than SPF products as I don't know when I will fall asleep
  • Taking double the amount of multi-vitamins, especially vitamin B
  • Keeping hands hydrated and using cotton gloves when packing and carrying boxes
  • Brushing hair frequently and keeping hair combs and brushes clean
  • Taking everything off from my face before sleeping with face wipes at a minimum, regardless of how tired I am

Facing the Reality

My sleeping pattern was terrible too. I basically slept when I collapsed from exhaustion. So there was no set time that I went to bed or woke up. I reached the point where even my facial muscles were aching :S. All of me was just tired, but I was standing strong just only with my mind. Regardless, as you can tell, I just didn't have any energy or time left to put skin care products on my face :(. Trust me, I felt very terrible the whole time that I couldn't look after my skin very well, which was very unlike me.

At least when I woke up, whether it was in the morning, in the late afternoon or middle of the night, I washed my face very thoroughly as I only used face wipes until I not longer saw dust/dirt on my face before sleeping. So, if using face wipes isn't counted as washing face, then yes, I washed my face only once a day :/. Regardless, I didn't get any breakouts during the time and here is what I did with my face.

Deep Cleansing & Short Facial Massage

Detoxing (3 times a week)

Quenching Dehydrated Skin

Protecting Skin from UV rays & Dust

If I couldn't make it to the bathroom sink before bed

Sun after Rain

Before (with Chanel CC Cream SPF 50 (full review) on my face)

As I mentioned above, my facial muscles were aching a lot along with my neck and shoulders. Thoughtfully, my man booked a massage session for me with Susan at Essence of the Sun (full review), which was very sweet of him. If I thought of packing, I would've postponed it to some other time, but I was desperate for a retreat, forgetting about all the pressure and stress. Susan did a great job as usual and in fact the healing session helped me work much faster as I was feeling better :).

After (Time to going back to packing!)

Now that we moved into the new place, I've been working extra hard on my skin as I couldn't look after properly for a few weeks :P. I've been doing lots of intensive treatments, so I shall post about that too! Hope you all have a great weekend :).

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