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Comfy Pet Pads - Training, Washing and Maintaining

Published by Jasmine Seo

Finally Yena has the same red tartan pet pad that Yuna has!

My man and I got the red tartan fleece pet pad for Yuna about a year ago when Yuna came to us :).

She was about 11 weeks, so there was no problem with the pet bed. She liked it, and everything seemed fine. However, after a few weeks, she started teething and the thing that we never wanted to happen happened. She chewed the pet bed…:/

That’s right, she chewed some bits during the night a few times, so I had to sew a few times. So, we decided to take a break and give it to her when she stops chewing. She finally stopped that bad habit at around 10 months old, about the time when her darling half sister Yena arrived :). You have no idea how excited we were to put the comfy pet pad back to Yuna’s house (aka crate)! :D

And the outcome? She simply loved it! How are we so sure about it? She goes into her house whenever she wants to rest or whenever weird sounds are coming in from outside. Let me tell you, she never liked her house once before unless she got some free treats, but for the past a few months, the tables have turned! she just likes to stay there with door open :).

So when Yena arrived here, Yuna was enjoying her comfy pet pad. There were times when Yuna was resting in one of her comfy spots (her room, behind me on my chair, our duvet and her other pet beds) other than her house. And guess what happened :P.

It happened every day whenever Yena needed a place to take a nap, so I told my man about it, which I found very cute <3. And we discussed whether we should get another comfy pet pad for Yena just yet since she was only at 12 weeks. Due to what happened with Yuna before, we decided to wait and watch Yena’s teething habit first. During a few months of observation, Yena didn’t once even attempted to chew other stuff other than her/Yuna’s toys. So we first tested with putting some blankets in her house during the daytime, and checked them once every a few hours or so. They were all clean, and there were no signs of digging either. Then, we left them in her house overnight and see what happened. Nothing happened, which was a relief :). So we trained her with the blankets first for a month or so.

And about a week ago, guess what! We got the same comfy pet pad for Yena!

Trust me, it is a top notch crate pet beds. We’ve searched for pet beds for days on and offline, and Comfy Pet Pads was the one, the shipping was very prompt too. Yena stopped going into Yuna’s house and resting once we got the bed for her LOL. However, Yuna has been going into Yena’s house to rest, which annoyed Yena a few times already hahaha. Yuna still loves her house, but she loves Yena’s too now XD. She’s very smart so she knows the new one is more cushiony :P.

The filling gets squashed down over time as your dog sleeps on the pet bed, which is expected. However, there’s a way to prolong the lifespan of it XD. Here’s what I do;

  • Once a week, shake the pet bed and let it sit in the sun during the day to kill the bacteria and get rid of hair and odor.
  • During shedding months, You want to do the process a few times a week, or whenever possible.
  • Every morning and night, make the bed for your dog. ie. keep the bed flat and tidy up a bit.
  • Once every few months, put the bed in a laundry bag and put it in a delicate machine wash with wool wash detergent (although it’s not woolen XD ) in cold water. Don’t tumble dry, just keep it flat and sit in the cool shady area using the laundry rack for at least a few days. Make sure it’s completely dry before bringing it back in.

I hope this post was a bit of help and that your dog feels comfortable in his or her crate as much as my babies do! :).

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