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Chanel Review > Sublimage Masque (Overnight Regenerating Sleep Mask)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I've been using Sublimage skincare since 2011, and the products still work very well on my skin when it gets very dull and lifeless. In fact, Sublimage regenerating mask is my most used product within the line as I like to use it all year round, apart from on very hot and humid nights.

Chanel Sublimage Masque, L'extrait & skincare


Chanel Sublimage Masque has their signature Sublimage scent, which is expected considering the fact that all different Chanel skincare lines have their own scents. Basically some may love it, while some may not. If you have been reading my other Chanel posts, you all already know that I'm not a fan of Chanel skincare in terms of their high percentage of fragrance in the ingredient list and also their strong perfumey scent.

However, I may have felt that way because Sublimage skincare was one of the very first ones I tried even before touching their make-up range :P. The Sublimage line doesn't have that overpowering artificial scent. How do I know? Well, I still haven't had any headache or nausea since the first application years ago. And my man hasn't noticed that artificial scent which most of Chanel products tend to have, which was a very big surprise as my man has a sharp nose like me :P. Anyways, I really love Sublimage scent as it's very relaxing and soothes my senses. It smells quite elegant with a bit of sweetness, but not too mature.


Sublimage Masque has a very thick and rich consistency like their Le Lift Masque de Massage, but I feel that the Sublimage one feels way more nourishing and rich. There isn't a typically oily feel to the texture at start.

Chanel Sublimage Masque, Essential Regenerating Mask & Skincare

It spreads a bit tacky and goes on not as smooth compared with Sublimage creams. However, there's a very pleasant transition like Sublimage La Crème Texture Suprême and Sublimage L'Extrait (full review).

Chanel Sublimage Masque, Essential Regenerating Mask & Skincare

Once you begin to massage the mask into your skin, it quickly turns into an oil rich concentrated cream. The finish is very similar to Sublimage La Crème Texture Suprême, leaving skin nourished and hydrated.

Chanel Sublimage Masque, Essential Regenerating Mask & Skincare

Key Ingredients

Powered by Enriched Planifolia PFA*, an active botanical as potent as it is rare, the mask helps target key signs of aging: wrinkles, loss of firmness, radiance and moisture, and unevenness of skin tone. It also contains a soothing complex, so that application becomes a moment of true sensorial pleasure and relaxation for the skin. The luxurious formula is presented in the signature SUBLIMAGE glass jar, accompanied by a spatula and brush.

*PFA: Polyfractioned Active. An ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredient created through exclusive patented Chanel technology.



If you have dry and dehydrated skin or live in a very cold dry climate, Sublimage regenerating overnight mask will work great. It quenches skin instantly and gives long-lasting fool-proof hydration. Whether it's for a long haul flight or for serious skin thirst relief. For extremely dry skin types, you could also use Sublimage L'Extrait underneath, which will provide ultimate hydration and rejuvenation. I sometimes use them together when the it's very dry and cold inside and the hydration lasts over 30 hours :O.

Regardless, if you have an irregular lifestyle and need a serious skin detox, I highly recommend you try out Sublimage skincare along with the mask as they bring life back to skin after just a day or two use. Skin looks more radiant and bright and feels very smooth upon touch. Personally, I always come back to Sublimage masque during my PMS if I have an important meeting a day or two later for those reasons. And at least a few days a month, I just stay awake till late very randomly at home without even doing any skincare, which always leads me to Chanel Sublimage masque in the following evening.

Just to be noted, the result isn't very miraculous or even dramatic, but I strongly feel that the mask has been helping my skin to be in pretty good condition after years of usage. And I believe that's exactly what topical treatment should do as it isn't a prescribed medical ointment :P. Although the mask isn't ideal for oily to combination skin types because of its thick and rich texture, it's a great one to use over colder seasons. Those with dry skin and frequent flyers will definitely get the most hydrating benefits out of it :).

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