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Sisley Review > Supremÿa at Night / Supremÿa la nuit (Night cream)

Published by Jasmine Seo

I must say, this is very expensive! -_- Regardless here I'm on my 4th bottle. ie. it has been 4 years since I started using this product. I'm not going to lie, saying "Oh, this brings A MIRACLE to my skin" :P. The results are quite similar to their green detox night complex, which I've talked about before. So you can go and have a read about it if you are interested!😉.

Supremya at night & supremya la nuit
Supremya at night & supremya la nuit

Supremya at night & supremya la nuit

Okay, let's be straightforward. Regardless of Sisley's claims on this product, it does a great job on bringing life back into your skin rather than correcting wrinkles and lifting cheek area and jowls. It does brighten up your skin, but again the improvement is very subtle. Like any other high end intensive treatments, it feels more like it super charges your skin cells. It is the most hydrating and comforting amongst all intensive treatments by Sisley.

Supremya at night & supremya la nuit


So if you have combo/oily skin, then you might find this product a bit too rich over summer, so be aware. For any other skin types, I don't see any problem using in any season although I'd prefer to use it over Spring and Autumn when my skin doesn't know what it's doing during seasonal changes.

Supremya at night & supremya la nuit
Supremya at night & supremya la nuit

Considering the fact that you don't need any other products in conjunction with Supremÿa la nuit except a toner and an eye cream, and the amount you get (50mL), it will last you 4-6 months! :O (Well, it really depends on how much you apply each time though.) Now, it doesn't sound too bad, hey!

Supremya at night & supremya la nuit
Supremya at night & supremya la nuit


Supremÿa at Night is the supreme nighttime anti-aging product that holds off the skin's natural aging in order to give it a visibly more youthful appearance. Sisley's Phyto-Complex LC12 is at the heart of this formula. It is a powerful combination of plant-based active ingredients that has stemmed from Sisley’s research on the life of cells*. It works at night, the key time for cellular regeneration, to repair the cells’ past while preparing them for their future. Comfortable like a cream and powerful like a serum, Supremÿa has been designed to be massaged in, allowing the skin to gradually absorb the active ingredients. Its surprising texture is soft and stimulating. Within a few weeks’ use, this product has spectacular rejuvenating effects on the skin. Non-comedogenic.

*Ex vivo tested

Active Ingredients

  • Phyto-complex LC 12: a powerful complex of key anti-aging ingredients
  • Tomato, Plant Protein Hydrolyzates: stimulate and revitalize
  • Witch Hazel: smoothes



Oh, a very important tip! Never EVER get greedy when using Supremÿa la nuit!😉 Meaning, don't layer any other serums or anti-aging creams. It already has very active ingredients that your skin will break out with if you layer other active products, so please don't do that. I'm warning you based on experience >_<. However, if your skin feels still considerably dry/dehydrated, you can layer a basic hydrating cream on top about 20 minutes after putting Supremÿa la nuit. Yes, you need to give it some time to be absorbed into your skin.

It will definitely bring the glow back to your skin, and this has been the main reason why I've been purchasing it every year. Yes, it's all about that glow, isn't it😉. And somehow the aromatic scent made me fall asleep better too. The scent is very subtle, not overpowering at all, and it does relax me and my soul when massaging onto my skin😊.

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