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Review > Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park & Bath / Dog Wash (ft. Border Collies Yuna & Yena)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Hi everyone!
Hope you all had a good memorial day :).

My man and I took our border collies (Yuna & Yena) to the Marymoor off-leash area as the weather was superb. We normally take them there on weekends at least once every few weeks as long as it doesn't get too muddy.

It's actually a great location if you want your dog to get some socialisation either with people or other dogs.

If you are also training your dog for off-leash, then Marymoor dog park is an excellent choice.

It's huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge that it's very easy to spend a few hours there with your dog, which is the whole point going there, right XD

We like to play either a tennis ball or frisbee as they are Yuna & Yena's favourite outdoor exercise :).

As the weather's getting hot, I really recommend you to carry at least 2L of water if you are planning on do some intensive exercise and spend time there for a few hours like how we do.

Yuna found her favourite resting spot!

Somehow I managed to capture Yuna's closed eyes while taking photos XD. LOL.

The park has some tennis balls and sanitary bags at the entrance, but there's no proper water for dogs..:/ After our first visit, we've been carrying 2L of water and a portable bowl in our backpack.

You can actually hook the bowl to the bag that you carry, which is quite nice as it doesn't make a mess inside your bag. We normally carry a small backpack when we go out with our babies, so we just hang it to the side of the bag.

Yena's turn - THE Great Jumper

After a few hours, we left the spot to take Yuna to the bath.

There's a prepaid bathing facility just outside the park, which also has a towel, shampoo and dryer.

Shampooing & Rinsing

You can choose in between 8 minutes or 14 minutes, and we chose 14 minutes just for Yuna as I do thorough cleansing when washing Yuna.

Yena patiently waiting for Yuna

They don't have a conditioner, but they have a herbal shampoo option, which I used it on Yuna for a second shampooing / conditioning after lightly washing her with a plain shampoo.

Blow drying without any heat

Herbal scent isn't overpowering at all, it smells very natural, but certainly you can bring your own leave-on conditioner that you can put on your dog after the bath.

After a bath

They don't have a brush for dogs, so you can always bring yours. By the way, they have little gluten-free treats at the payment machine, so you can take some after a bath for your dog being good :). Oh, they also accept credit cards, which was very convenient as we don't normally carry cash when we go out with Yuna and Yena XD.

I highly recommend Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park if you have a dog or you are a dog lover :). It's indeed a dog wonderland <3


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