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Rawhide for seriously Big Chewers

Published by Jasmine Seo

My man and I asked Yuna's vet for advice in regards to bones vs rawhide. He recommended we give Yuna rawhide to keep her teeth clean since it's much more gentle on her puppy teeth than bones. So we first bought a small natural/organic rawhide for Yuna to see if she likes it. She did like it, but she had some stomach problems initially because she was so young and since it was new to her. We gave her a bit of time for her stomach to get used to rawhide, then took a break for a while. Well, it was just all about confirming whether she likes rawhide or not for the future reference.

And lately, there have been some days that my man and I had to be away that we couldn't give enough attention on her for a few hours. So we decided to get some rawhide to give her as a special treat along with her kong when leaving her in her house (crate).

She's indeed a BIG chewer, so we normally get a 15-16 inch rawhide. I don't know about your pup/dog, but Yuna has one sophisticated philosophy; the Bigger the Better! LOL. This is the third time getting it, and she still loves it, which is great. She does EVERYTHING for it, hahahaha. It's full of protein, so you don't want to give it to your puppy too often or for too long since your puppy might get stomach issues like Yuna did. You would also want to give less food than usual to your puppy if you think you are going to give the rawhide to him/her on the day for the same reason. And when the rawhide is small or gets smaller, you will need to watch your puppy whilst he/she chewing it. Otherwise you might have a choking hazard, which we don't want at all, not just for us, but for your puppy.

We got our 15-16 inch rawhide from Amazon, so if you are interested, you should check it out! Pretty good deal too XD.

And here are some Yuna's rawhide chewing actions! <3 Enjoy!

[Yuna with Rawhide Day One]( from [Jasmine Imms]( on [Vimeo]( [Yuna with Rawhide Day Two]( from [Jasmine Imms]( on [Vimeo]( [Yuna with Rawhide Day Three]( from [Jasmine Imms]( on [Vimeo](

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