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Kerstin Florian Review > Face Serum SPF 25 (Tips)

Published by Jasmine Seo

At first, I was a bit shocked at the price and by the amount (15mL) that you get of Kerstin Florian's Face Serum SPF 25. Well, it was sort of justifiable as a serum, but not quite as an SPF 25 suncare product. The surprises didn't stop there. Usually, serum comes in either a watery, gel or emulsion like consistency. Even as for a sunscreen, the texture's normally a creamy or light emulsion type. So naturally, I expected Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 to be like one of those regular serums. Well, let me tell you, it wasn't even anywhere near my prediction >_<. At least, it turned out that it was a pleasant surprise :).

Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 & skincare

Scent & Consistency

Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 has a very unusual extra light dry oil texture. It's very light that I'm not even sure whether I should describe it as dry oil consistency. I think that it may possibly be the lightest on the market. It's fast absorbing like a serum and it doesn't even leave any typical oily residue.

Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 & skincare
Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 & skincare

It just gives a very nice sheen with a subtle glow. Even better, there's no noticeable particular scent.

Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 & skincare


Although Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 has serum comparable fast absorption, it doesn't seem to penetrate very deep into skin to provide long-lasting deep hydration. I would say that it hydrates skin subtly without just sitting on the surface, so those with normal to combination skin might even be able to use it alone in warmer seasons. After all, it's part of suncare, so I don't think that it matters very much as it has a very nice finish without being greasy or sticky. It's indeed great as a make-up base.

It spreads very well with a small amount, so a bottle can last up to a few months if you use once a day. If you re-apply throughout the day, it will last for a month or two, which has been my case. Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 has quite simple and minimal ingredients, and my eye area hasn't got any irritation at all.

It has also been very convenient especially in colder seasons and after long sun exposure where skin can get sensitive even from the high SPF, rich texture and even too active or many ingredients. It's gentle and I like the fact that I could re-apply throughout the day when I feel that I need extra hydration and/or sun protection. As you could've already guessed, Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 has been in my travelling kit not just because of its compact size but also due to the readiness of application. I've been also taking it to Y's Nail when I get my gel nail done for a bit of SPF protection for my back of hands. Who said it's only designed for face? XD.

Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 & skincare


I highly recommend Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 if you normally stay and work inside or if you want to try something different. Even for those who can't put on high SPF on face due to sensitivity, I think that Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 works great although it's on a bit expensive side. By the way, the pump doesn't work very smoothly so it's very difficult to control the amount. For a reference, one pump is more than enough for the back of both hands and wrists, and two pumps will cover entire face, neck and decollete area.

Benefits & Ingredients

Concentrated dry oil leaves skin protected with SPF 25 as it nourishes, calms and fend off photo damage and environmental aggressors.

Active ingredients

• Octinoxate, Avobenzone, Octisalate & Homosalate – help prevent sunburn with proven, lasting broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection

Other highlight ingredients

• Tocopherol – emollient Vitamin E fortifies skin and its resistance to free radicals and sun exposure

• Jojoba Seed Oil – nourishes, moisturizes and promotes healing with a silky lightweight texture

• Chamomile Flower Oil – calms, soothes and eases redness and inflammation

Full Ingredients



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