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September BarkBox Review > Yuna's Birthday Month!

Published by Jasmine Seo

Earlier this month on the 2nd was our alpha dog Yuna's birthday, and we've been basically celebrating her birthday pretty much the entire month XD. Yes, she has been quite spoiled and pampered :) Meaning, Yena has been enjoying her half sister's birthday too :P. We have actually been waiting for the BarkBox for long as we ordered the birthday pup pie for an extra treat this time!


Anyways, the box finally arrived yesterday, which is 3 days later than the schedule, and the box was half open as they didn't even seem to fully tape it very well. They don't need to get stingy with the tape, huh -_-.


Regardless, let's unbox first as Yuna seemed had already noticed that there's something delicious and fun in the box :).


Here's our Yuna waiting patiently for me to say "Let's Play!" :)

border collie
border collie
border collie

To be honest, my man and I were quite disappointed this month especially with those that we actually paid extra for...The Pup Pie and the Split Apple Toy...-_-

The pup pie was very tiny and even contained sugar and colour... ugh, we could've got a much better treat from the shop at that price...:/..

And the Split Apple Toy that we paid for extra was very fragile and was quickly ripped to reveal some hard plastic that could have been chewed and caused an obstruction.. Oh my...-_-... We ordered a box for a large breed yet my man and I were very confused why they sent such a fragile toy that only lasted for a few hours.

Well, I'm normally okay with fragile toys as Yuna and Yena aren't very aggressive chewers since they get plenty of exercise daily. However, I personally cannot stand anything that could potentially harm our Yuna and Yena's health for long run. And it's very shocking that even the Milk toy that I initially liked was very poorly stitched that it didn't even last long enough after a few hours of playing sessions..

And look at this, what is this? You serious? Paint started coming off. ARGH. I had to get my man to peel off those paint flare ups. We were once again left very confused why they even needed to use paint?! If it could come off that easily from dogs' saliva and teeth from playing fetch, then they shouldn't have made it that way.

The treats were ordinary, nothing really special. They will come in handy when my man and I take Yuna and Yena for a walk. At least, the book has been lasting good.

I personally preferred August BarkBox far more as they didn't contain anything that could cause a hazard when I'm not attending to them even for a moment. I really hope that the next box will be better and potential hazard free.

The footage of Yuna and Yena playing shortly after receiving the box

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