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Beauty - Is Expensive Skincare Worth It?
Chanel Review > Sublimage Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It? (vs La Mer Crème de la Mer & Moisturizing Lotions)
I've been using Chanel Sublimage skincare for well over a decade, and the range feels a lot more personal to me as it feels like as if I've been witnessing the collection grow...
Estée Lauder Review > Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It?
Over the past two decades or so, I've noticed myself and in people around me that it's very difficult to find products that are universally versatile when it comes down to the anti-aging...
Guerlain Review > Orchidée Impériale Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It?
Although some may recognise Guerlain as a rather perfumery and make-up brand, the company has been actively invested in their skincare lines for at least a decade and I started using their skincare...
La Prairie Review > Cellular Platinum Rare Overview- Is Expensive Skincare Worth It?
As you all know if you've been reading any of my La Prairie posts, my family and I have been long time La Prairie users. My grandmother and my mother have been using...
La Prairie Review > Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir (World's most expensive Detox serum/ Tips)
As you know, some of my family members including myself have been using La Prairie Cellular Platinum Rare range ever since their very first launch. As I've been using their products for over...
World's Most Expensive Skincare Review > My 10+Years with Best Luxury Beauty (La Mer VS La Prairie VS Sisley VS Chanel VS Guerlain)
I've contemplated for the past few months if I should make a special post on the world's most expensive skincare products that I've been religiously using for 10+ years. It doesn't always equate...
Luxury Skincare Brand Purchase Guide! **La Mer VS La Prairie VS Swiss Perfection VS Sisley VS Guerlain (Comparison / Review)**
I feel that it is very easy to be deluded by all the ads and reviews on luxury skincare brands from magazines, YouTube, blogs..etc. It is not like we can buy literally...