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Chanel Review > Hydra Beauty Overview - Is Expensive Skincare Worth It?

Published by Jasmine Seo

Chanel Hydra Beauty line has always been at the heart of different Chanel skincare ranges for many years. There's no doubt that it has been the most go-to collection for the majority of new clients across different skin age groups. Personally, it doesn't come as a surprise, considering the fact that hydration is key to beautiful skin aging and healthy skin to be more resilient to external environmental aggressors.

I have been using Chanel Hydra Beauty products along with many of their other products religiously since I was a teen, and I personally stay hopeful in regards to the company's direction as their new and existing products have been working well on my normal to dehydrated skin. It's a shame that they are not free of fragrance, but then again, getting rid of the signature scent of the iconic products doesn't seem to make any sense to me either. At least, the fragrance has been listed on the bottom of the ingredient list. I'm not in either position of supporting or criticising, but all I can say is that I can understand why as the company is known for its perfumery and fashion and carrying the essence.

Nevertheless, I can say that Chanel Hydra Beauty products has been working well at least for my family's and my skin as I've been using them for well over a decade. They are certainly not reasonably priced, but compared to some of those uber luxury skincare brands, I would say that Chanel Hydra Beauty line isn't too bad at all considering the longevity of hydration that the products provide. I also see them quite versatile as you could easily incorporate them into different skincare regimes including brightening and volumising.

Hydration is essential for well balanced skin, ie. the youthful healthy skin, and I think that Chanel Hydra Beauty products can be beneficial for majority of skin types not only to prevent any future moisture loss but also to balance skin overall. If you have particularly dehydrated skin, I suggest you to try out their Micro Serum and Micro Creme as they have a nice oil infused finish, which seems to work well even for frequent travellers exposed to dry cabin air.

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