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Chanel - Sublimage Collection

Chanel - Sublimage Collection
Review > Luxury Skincare-Part 2 (Chanel vs Estée Lauder vs Dior vs Chantecaille)
I've decided to break down some of the key points on the luxury skincare brands that I couldn't deal with in my previous post (Part 1) [https://www.beautemia....
Chanel Review > Sublimage L'Extrait de Crème (Ultimate Regeneration and Restoring Cream)
To tell you the truth, my mother who just turned 60 hasn't been very impressed with Chanel skincare products [] in general. I know, some may...
Chanel Review > Sublimage Ultimate Skin Regeneration Essential Comfort Cleanser (Démaquillant Confort Suprême)
Unlike myself, my sister loves and uses oil cleansers to take off daily make-up and pollution that you get from inside the office. I see why she loves using them as she puts...
Chanel Review > Sublimage La Crème Texture Fine
When it comes to Sublimage La Crème Texture Fine, there's nothing unusual about the scent as it's akin to the rest of their Sublimage collection [
Chanel Review > Sublimage La Crème (Texture Suprême/ Rich texture for dry skin)
Sublimage La Crème Texture Suprême is my top favourite moisturiser from Chanel Sublimage Collection [] in terms of the texture and longevity of hydration. I'm not...
Chanel Review > Sublimage La Brume (Intensive Revitalizing Mist)
Sublimage La Brume is the newest addition to Chanel [] 's premium Sublimage collection [] . Although there have been certain products that...
Chanel Review > Sublimage Masque (Overnight Regenerating Sleep Mask)
I've been using Sublimage skincare since 2011, and the products still work very well on my skin when it gets very dull and lifeless. In fact, Sublimage regenerating mask is my...
Chanel Review >Sublimage L'Extrait & L'Essence (concentrate / oil serum)
There's no doubt that Chanel [] Sublimage collection has been my most loved Chanel product over the past few years along with their Le Blanc collection...