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In short, subtly herbal scented Sisleÿa-Elixir is an intensive health potion for the skin. It's very lightweight and fast-absorbing without leaving skin particularly shiny or matte. The elixir by itself doesn't have any richness or heaviness, so some people may wonder if it's enough. I'm pointing it out first as that was exactly my first impression when I tried the intensive treatment back in 2011. And yes, it works even just by itself :). Even after 5 years time, it still works without making my skin feel dehydrated or dry. It is indeed a serious skin care diet where you only use one effective product over 4 weeks. I personally started using it initially back in 2011 as I wanted to spend more time with my man when we were dating :3. And that was time when I noticed that my skin felt much better even from my irregular sleep caused by studying and dating. Surprise always comes from the unexpected, does it not? :).

Sisley Sisleÿa-Elixir & skincare


Let me tell you, if you are looking at Sisleÿa-Elixir to improve wrinkles, skin tone etc., then you should check their Supremÿa at Night (full review) and/or Sisleÿa serums rather than this. What it does is it puts skin back to its best health condition that helps skin to function better. I guess it’s focused on more core problems as we are exposed to irregular lifestyle, poor diet, daily stress and environmental aggressors.

Sisleÿa-Elixir isn’t a miracle product, but I noticed that the results are actually much better and come faster if you are on a healthy diet and lifestyle while you are on an intensive treatment. The maximum result at least for myself that you can expect include balanced and more resilient skin. I think that it also detoxifies skin too since my skin looked much more awake and alive night after night as I finished the bottles one by one. And my skin felt much better during PMS too, which is another bonus.


This intensive renewing and restructuring formula sends messages to the skin to target and re-start the natural mechanisms and reflexes of young skin. This innovative formula contains natural plant extracts selected for their abilities to work in synergy to perform six main actions:

  1. Extract of malt helps to encourage the metabolic exchanges of the dermo-epidermal junction. This helps to enhance the supply of nutrients to the skin for improved connectivity and support by the dermis.
  2. White willow leaf extract helps to stimulate the production of HSP (stress proteins), allowing the skin to fight stress more effectively.
  3. Solanum extract helps to stimulate the production of lipids, thus encouraging spectacular hydration.
  4. Padina pavonica, an algae extract, helps to restructure and plump up the skin, minimizing the appearance of surface lines.
  5. Gingko biloba extract and vitamin E help to fight free radicals for an anti-aging effect.
  6. Essential oils of lavander and marjoram help to stimulate and revitalize, leaving the skin glowing.

Sisleÿa-Elixir is a complete program designed to help re-start the skin’s natural functions.



Due to its potency, I try to keep my skin care routine simple when I’m on Sisleÿa-Elixir. During the day time, I use their Floral Spray Mist (full review) as a toner, and follow with Sisleÿa-Elixir and their iconic All Day All Year (full review).

At night, I use the same Floral Spray Mist and Sisleÿa Essential Skin Care Lotion (full review), then Sisleÿa-Elixir and Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream (full review) if I'm on the treatment during winter. As for the eye area, I use Sisleÿa Eye and Lip Contour Cream (full review) day and night before using the elixir.


Although Sisleÿa-Elixir has a light gel serum consistency, you need to massage it in a bit for full absorption. The finish of it is quite light, not oily at all, which I think makes it perfect for any skin conditions unless your skin is sensitive to active botanical ingredients. Just for a reference, my man has a very sensitive eczema prone skin, but the product never once irritated his skin. I personally think that Sisleÿa-Elixir is still on the more gentle side compared to the intensive treatments offered by other high-end skincare brands such as La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night (full review). If you have very dry skin though, then you might want to follow up with a hydrating moisturiser as the elixir might not be sufficient. Sisleÿa-Elixir is certainly one of the great ways to guide skin when skin doesn't know what to do during seasonal changes like now and help it recover from the stress.

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