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La Prairie Review > Cellular Power Infusion

Published by Jasmine Seo

I mentioned in my previous post that I would make a blog post on Cellular Power Infusion by La Prairie. In fact, I was tossing if it was even necessary to make a post since this was not the first time that I was on this treatment.

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion & Cellular Power Charge Night


A result of 3 patent-pending bio-technologies, Cellular Power Infusion, which includes the Cellular Power Complex and La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex, communicates simultaneously to 3 dimensions of the skin that affect aging: energy, cells, tissue


  • swiss snow algae is a naturally protective plant that survives and flourishes in extreme glacial conditions in the Swiss Alps that passes on its survival instincts to the skin. Helps detoxify skin cells subject to oxidative stress, protects cellular power stations from UV stress, and turns dull, tired skin to luminous clarity


  • skin renewal peptide helps activate epidermal stem cells and supports the skin’s own renewal system. It ensures a supply of newborn cells when needed and excites cellular energy so that structure, firmness and elasticity return
  • phyto stem cell extract, derived from stem cells of swiss red grapes, protects the skin’s own epidermal stem cells, allowing them to replenish and maintain the balance of cells and rebuild damaged skin


  • tissue guidance matrix supports the restructuring of skin tissue. It integrates younger skin cells into aging skin, to guide tissue renewal, firmness and elasticity


Anyways, my face gets puffy very easily in general due to poor blood circulation, different kinds of food, lack of sleep, weight loss/gain, etc. :/ So, my point is that our face is like our body.

Stretched → Shrunken down = Loosened/Saggy skin.

On my fourth bottle:

After completing the four bottles:

This explains the importance of firming/lifting care when your face is puffy. I have seen quite a few people around me who have gone for lifting laser treatments due to their age and/or repetitive cycle of puffiness. I am only in my 20's, so I thought I would treat this problem readily with my long-loved treatment Cellular Power Infusion.


Obviously my skin was totally out of my control since I've been very lazy with my skin care due to lack of sleep lately. Trust me, I've been having way too much instant noodles.. so you can guess :/ My skin felt very sensitive, unbalanced and overly stressed. Indeed, my skin looked lifeless and clearly my skin has lost its own rhythm.

And basically, Cellular Power Infusion solved all of these problems except my sleeping patterns. Overall, I am very pleased with the result; that my skin got much more balanced, toned and energetic. My skin broke out less too. Well, hardly any I suppose. Maybe it was putting my skin back to its cycle? Or charged as its claim? I could not feel that 'dramatic' difference/change, but it somehow happened to my skin progressively like health supplements. And it feels that my expensive creams worked better with this treatment. So I guess it also acts as a boosting treatment, which is excellent.

Well, if you have a high budget, I definitely say you should add this on the top of your regular skin care regime! :) I feel that I should make a post on lower budgeted skin care treatment too. Anyways, this is all for now, I hope this helped!

Where to buy



Energy is the skin’s power source. Loss of energy impairs cellular communication and functions causing accumulated cell damage and slows your skin’s natural defense system. Toxins accumulate. Skin cells slowdown in their life cycle. Tissues collapse into wrinkles. The skin needs energy to live and thrive.

Born of three patent pending technologies, The Cellular Power Collection recharges and renews the energy within to communicate with all three skin dimensions that impact aging: cells, tissue, and energy.

The Cellular Power Collection represents a trio of energy-based formulas that boost the performance of all natural skin functions, satisfying the skin’s need for energy on a daily basis ultimately helping the skin to detoxify, renew and rekindle vitality for a new level of anti-aging efficacy so you will never look our age again.


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