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La Prairie Review > Cellular Power Charge Night

Published by Jasmine Seo

It has been raining frequently in Seattle these days! Autumn's here!

Naaaaaaaaaaaw :'( wiping tears

Anyhow, I thought I might make another post on intensive skincare treatment whilst listening to Kiss the Rain by Yiruma on Infinite Looper! :3

Last time, I reviewed Cellular Power Infusion, which is a part of the intensive collection that I will talk about here. So if you want to have a look at the detailed post on Cellular Power Infusion, click Here.

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night & Cellular Power Infusion



  • retinyl palmitate, a high-performance retexturizer, supports natural cell turnover and helps maintain firmness


  • oxygen transfer agent, perfluorodecalin (PFD), secures oxygen and releases as needed in the skin to boost skin’s metabolism, and enhances the performance of retinyl palmitate

Renewal / Energizing

cellular power complex secures energy to fuel defense and protection. Swiss snow algae, skin renewal peptide, phyto stem cell extract and tissue guidance matrix:

  • revitalize skin at 3 levels: energy, cells, tissue
  • helps detoxify skin cells subject to oxidative stress
  • help rebuild skin tissue for improved firmness

Hydrating / Conditioning

  • salicornea extract helps drive moisture into the skin cells thus counteracting possible dehydrating effect of retinyl palmitate
  • sunflower seed oil maintains the skin’s lipid barrier over night
  • grapefruit extract and vitamin E offer anti-oxidant protection


Summer's gone, and it's time to repair our skin that's been damaged by the sun over the last few months :)

I try many different products from different companies, but I keep coming back to Cellular Power Charge Night at least once a year. It's not very surprising as you all know by now that I've been a massive fan of La Prairie and their result-oriented high tech products XD.

I really like Cellular Power Charge Night because I don't need to layer other products on the top unlike Cellular Power Infusion. It feels that their main focus is oxygenating and perfecting skin. The product is really designed for brightening, evening out and charging skin. Just like your phone, you charge it over night and the battery lasts for a few days.

This is how you get most out of Cellular Power Charge Night throughout the year if you plan to use it more than once a year.

At week 3

Its ingredients are very potent, so I really don't recommend putting anything on top since you might get breakouts or irritations. Just follow the instructions, NO EXPERIMENTING! >_< To be honest, I layered anti-aging cream on top and I woke up with breakouts! Haha yes, moderation is key, hey! :P There's one more thing that you should be aware of; never over exfoliate when you are on this treatment. As you probably know, you should avoid over exfoliation whilst you are on any retinol driven treatments. Again, moderation is crucial to prevent side effects.

Upon completion of full treatment:

In case you are looking for more of a sculpting or lifting focused product, this isn't for you :). You should rather try their lifting serum to get more effective results!

Like Cellular Power Infusion, Cellular Power Charge Night is a health supplement, or Vitamin B boost after heavy partying XD. It's great for stressed and dull looking skin! You won't see a dramatic transformation in your skin, but you will notice healthier / energised skin day by day, which was quite fun observing my skin daily. You only need one full pump max, so one bottle should last at least a few months with nightly usage.

It comes in a bottle with two solutions; one a blue gel and the other a light cream. You pump out both at the same time and mix them together. It isn't very thick, but it's still comforting so I can see people with normal to combination skin particularly enjoying it. There's no sticky residue when it all sinks in, being absorbed into skin pretty quickly and leaving a smooth finish. That's why I'm recommending this product for post summer skin rescue! >_<

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night & Cellular Power Infusion
La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night & Cellular Power Infusion
La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night & Cellular Power Infusion

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