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La Prairie Review > Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare (Eye serum/ Part 1)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare is the newest addition to the collection, which was launched a few years ago. I got the eye essence on the very day that they launched in the states - as you might be able to tell, I was really looking forward to it. It was such an exciting launch for me since I had always wondered if La Prairie would make an eye serum for the Platinum Rare line since it has been my most go-to line since 2009. And the company was the very first one that inspired me to think about the purpose of using eye essence when I was a teenager, so it came to me rather meaningful.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, eye serum, eye cream & skincare

Scent & Consistency

Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare doesn't have a strong scent or essential oil hue that could irritate eye area just like their other eye serums. It has the Platinum Rare line's signature scent. It doesn't irritate my mother's and my man's very sensitive eyes and even my cold sore prone lips.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, eye serum, eye cream & skincare

It has a very lightweight and fast absorbing texture, but not as light as their White Caviar Illuminating eye serum.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, eye serum, eye cream & skincare

The Platinum Rare eye serum feels a bit more hydrating, but it's nowhere near as hydrating as some of the natural oils that you could use around the eye area such as Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

Texture-wise, it's basically a less condensed version of their Cellular Serum Platinum Rare. However, as expected from the collection, it has very fine particles that instantly beautify and brightens up the eye area. The texture is also quite close to Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex if you have tried it before.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, eye serum, eye cream & skincare


Anti-Wrinkle, Relaxing

  • platinum peptide complex: platinum particles bonded to acetyl tetrapeptide-17, protect the peptide from destructive enzymes in the skin, allowing superior anti-wrinkle activity and firming
  • herbal relaxants smooth facial muscles to minimize the wrinkle potential of expression lines
  • black tea ferment decreases glycation, a process that makes the skin rigid as we age

Brightening, Anti-Discolouration

  • white bird of paradise extract promotes even skin tone, by decreasing bilirubin, a discolouring yellowish pigment in the skin
  • green microalgae oligopeptide builds up transparency of the skin to disguise dark under-eye circles
  • arctic pearlescent pigment offers instant brightness by reflecting light
  • caffeine helps reduce the look of under-eye darkness and feeling of puffiness

Instant Lift / Tightening

  • lifting and tightening complex provides tensing that tightens loose skin; blend of natural polymers smooths lines and stays in place for hours

Hydrating / Protective

  • “second skin” non-occlusive protective patch on skin’s surface, slows transepidermal water loss and helps deliver active ingredients
  • cultured stem cell extract helps protect skin from premature aging; decreases free radicals and helps stimulate DNA repair



Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare comes with a built-in applicator unlike their other eye serums. Initially I got very interested, but I actually don't use the applicator much other than spreading it around my eye area. I've noticed that the problem is in the shape of the tip as it's just too round. Due to the poor shape, it doesn't give the coverage I need to give a real spa-like massage, so I've been just giving quick swipes along the eye area with a gentle pressure, then I pat in with my finger tips manually.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, eye serum, eye cream & skincare

I would still say that it kind of works as it reduces the time of touching my eye area by a few seconds. I'm a great believer of no pressure on delicate skin around the eyes, so I've been sticking to that method for long time. Well, compared to other La Prairie eye serums, I've used Platinum Rare eye essence for only a few years now as it's the latest one in their eye serum category, but I can tell you that it works in terms of prevention and maintenance. People have been complementing my eye area on how fresh I look, my older sister even asked me how I hardly have visible signs of aging around the area. My mother's eye area also looks fantastic considering she's turning 60 this year and she has never done any in-office treatment on herself. There's a bit of minor sagging around her eyelids and smile lines, which comes with natural aging process. Other than that, she has been getting more compliments as she has been aging nicely.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, eye serum, eye cream & skincare

It's true that the price that you have to pay for 15mL is quite eye watering, and I cannot say if the result justifies the price. It certainly seems to delay the skin aging process looking at my mother and myself, but you can still get similar benefits with their other cheaper (but still expensive) alternatives. And if you are looking for a real quick fix, then in-office treatment can be more economical and effective in that case. La Prairie's Platinum Rare Collection are pure luxury products, meaning, it isn't a necessity, so please don't get stressed even if you cannot afford it. What matters the most is that you look after yourself and you are conscious about it :).

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