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Seattle Veterinary Specialists Review > Seattle Emergency Vet 24/7 ( ft. VI Peel Day 3 / Xray Cost )

Published by Jasmine Seo

Shortly after my man and I were back from Bellevue, we found that our little puppy Yena had ingested a serious amount of goose feathers from our duvet… She threw up all night and even the next day.. So we decided to Seattle Veterinary Specialists on Friday night as it opens 24/7.. :/.

It was after hours, so we had to go through the car park.

Yena's in a merino wool hood jumper purchased from WARE of the DOG.

We had to fill out some form and waited around minutes in the lounge area before moving to an exam room.

It didn’t take that long to see the assistant and she was very kind and listening from my memory. We told her all the symptoms that Yena showed for the past two days and she checked on Yena briefly.

After talking to the assistant, the vet came in and told us about the different scenarios that Yena might have been going through and told us about different treatment options. Apparently, not many dogs visited from swallowing goose feathers XD. Oh my, we threw out the duvet regardless after the incident.

Yena's wearing Yuna's Ralph Lauren hoodie.

The assistant came in again to tell us about the treatment plan thoroughly and we chose to start with medications along with fluid injection, then taking an x-ray if Yena doesn’t get better within a few days of period.

While Yena has gone for the fluid injection ( VI Peel Day 3 )

Fortunately, Yena seemed to act much better after the fluid treatment that she could start playing like always does with Yuna :).

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