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Yuna's new Collar and Lily's Birthday Pawty!

Published by Jasmine Seo

My sister got little gifts for our baby Yuna!<3 Awww how sweet! :3 That's right, a personalised collar, a leash and a rather fashionable looking harness! Love them all! Thank you, Sis!

My man and I decided to use the harness and the leash some other time since we were just about to go to a birthday party!  That's right, our baby Yuna was invited by her friend to her 5th birthday party! >< (i.e. lots of running, chasing and playing! = getting messy >< )
Red does suit Yuna, no? :3 Love my baby! <3

So we're ready to head off to the party!  Yaaay <3

Here we are, we arrived at the party just right on time! Phew XD And there goes THE birthday princess, I must say, Lily does act like a little princess unlike our Yuna LOL.

And here's Lily's mum surrounded by all the cute little ones! <3

Hahaha yes, Yuna is THE social queen in this area :P. She needs to say hi and be friendly to everyone whom she bumps into XD. She decided to start saying hi to Lily and her dad <3 ( as if she knew it was her birthday! ;) )

Then, here she goes.. Hi!

Hello there!

Hi, have we met before?

And Hi again! XD

After greeting everyone around, finally she realised that hadn't come to see mummy and daddy for a while! >:-( awwwww it hurts! :'-(  :P

No matter what, you're still our cute little thing, sweetheart! <3

Woot! Look who just arrived! <3  Here is Yuna's best mate here, Floyd! Yuna always liked him since she 12 weeks old! XD

Both Yuna and Floyd love tennis balls, so there you go, daddy decided to play with them a bit! >_<

Yuna's pretty fast, but she still can't beat Floyd just yet!

And our clever Yuna realised it fairly quick! :P Hahaha surrendered! >_<

Running around and around!

Indeed, Yuna proved that she's still a puppy = low stamina >_<.

But she just can't possibly let the tennis ball go! So Yuna!

Oh yes... rocking her new collar! <3

It has been a few hours already, so it's time to go home! Woot, Lily's mum was very generous of giving away all the treats! Look how all dogs got so excited! <3

Buuuut, Yuna wasn't interested in these delicious treats at all! >:-( She just wanted to keep playing! :P

Oh, have I mentioned how we met a very awesome shih tzu? XD He was like a prince!!! Very cuddly and gentle!! <3

Such a cute face <3

As expected, both Yuna and daddy were very tired, and they fell asleep whilst cuddling in that afternoon. LOL. So much fun, hey! :D

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