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Cellcosmet Review > Ultra Vital Light (VS La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Lotion)
Cellcosmet Ultra Vital Light is an emulsion that is very close to a typical emulsion texture. I know, it may sound very funny to some of you, but if you have tried different...
Cellcosmet Review > Active Tonic (Gentle exfoliating toner)
Cellcosmet Active Tonic has a refreshing floral scent, and doesn't have much density to the texture. It's very lightweight, so I use a cotton pad rather than pouring onto palms of my hands...
Cellcosmet Review > Anti-Stress Mask (Mattifying Hydrating Cream-Mask)
I was chatting about Sisley masks with my sister's aesthetician, and she told me about Cellcosmet Anti-Stress Mask that the spa was carrying. I initially thought that it's just a selling strategy, but...
Cellcosmet Review > Exfoliant Dual Action (Smooth Exfoliant Cream)
Cellcosmet Exfoliant Dual Action has a signature Cellcosmet floral scent, which some may find a bit mature but I have personally been finding it quite mind-awakening and therapeutic, especially when used in the...
Cellcosmet Review > Precious Mask (Radiance Revealer Harmonising Cream-Gel Mask)
I was first introduced to Cellcosmet Precious Mask a couple of years ago when my sister took me to the spa where she had been enjoying getting her regular facials. Before starting my...
La Prairie Review > Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold (Part 1: The Radiance Collection - Hormonal Skin Aging / Menopause)
Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold has been one of the La Prairie serums that I've been loving for the past 6 years or so. It was one of the very first serums that...
La Prairie Review > Cellular Hand Cream
I have been very picky with hand creams ever since I started using Cellular Hand Cream XD. I'm not quite sure if that's good for my bank account, but I've tried different high-end...