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Yuna and Yena's First Treat Shopping at Mud Bay

Published by Jasmine Seo

Today was very special for Yuna and Yena.
For the first time, they heard heavy thunder, they played and walked in the rain, and most importantly, they went shopping together to Mud Bay! :D

It was their first time visiting Mud Bay since my man and I just found the place last night by accident. We normally go to the dog treat shop next to Whole Foods, but trust me, this Mud Bay is huuuuge! Anyways, so we got little treats for our babies yesterday just to see how they like them. And luckily they didn’t freak out much at all when there was a heavy rain and thunder thanks to the delicious rawhide from Mud Bay >_<. They didn’t bark at all! Well done, Yuna and Yena! <3 So proud of you two! >_< <3

So I suggested to my man that we take them to the shop and let them pick what they want :).
My man also thought that that’s a fun idea, so we quickly rushed to get ready since it was getting dark!

It got quite chilly and a bit windy at night, so we put on a little padded fur jacket for Yena since she doesn’t have her full fluffy coat just yet :(. For Yuna, we picked a hooded customised shirt that I ordered from Ralph Lauren website and a cute rain poncho on top!

We arrived at Mud Bay, and clearly it was an unexpected surprise for them! They were just way too busy saying hello to the kind sales associates and just seemed to be very lost in a huge wonderland! XD

Allison and her colleague were very friendly and helped our babies feel more secure and comfortable by spoiling them with yummy treats and lots of patting! In the end, our Yuna and Yena fell in love with Allison and followed her around for more attention. LOL.

My man and I don’t normally fall for any marketing, but this Mud Bay was mad :). You can truly feel that you and your dogs are welcome anytime! >_< I think it’s really worth just even stopping by! They still give your dog treats and lots of attention!

Anyways, Yuna just wanted everything, she kept pulling us to the food section. Indeed, she has a very good nose :P. Yena seemed to be more interested in checking every single treat and showed me which one she likes and which one she doesn’t >_<. However, the truth was all the things that Yena wanted were better for her big sister Yuna, not for herself just yet :(. At least, we got them, but not for Yena, just for Yuna.

We still bought the ones that Yena could have though. These were in fact the same ones that we got for her yesterday, and she really enjoyed it today. So why not, we purchased multiples again this time :P.

We also got extra rawhides that Yuna likes for my man’s work since she goes to work most of the days with my man >_<. Yes, she really doesn’t like getting into work late! :P

And some for the times when my man and I are away!

Lots of different treats indeed, but we had a coupon that was inside the envelope that they gave us upon purchase yesterday, so we didn’t need to worry about the cost so much! By the way, the letter was all handwritten! :O We were very surprised!

But, surprise! We got an extra 5% off! How cool is that! We normally buy the dog treat on amazon to save some bucks, but I think it was pretty good deal that we had today!

Our babies were happy shopping and picking what they wanted, and we could check the quality of the treats as they were right there in front of our eyes XD. Also, Alisson told us that we can return if our babies don’t like any of those treats or have any problems. Very pleasant indeed! :D

We spent fair bit of time in the shop with Yuna and Yena, so by the time when we came back home, they were just way too thirsty!

And of course…. they fell asleep! :) Very tired I guess.

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