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Review > La Prairie VIP Dinner at Nordstrom in Bellevue (ft. Limited Edition White Caviar Illuminating Mask)

Published by Jasmine Seo

As I have mentioned in my previous post a few weeks ago, I was invited to a La Prairie dinner event for VIP clients. It was supposed to be a lunch gathering, but then it changed to a dinner event, which I don't mind either anyways. It was held at The Grill at Nordstrom in Bellevue as that's where I get my La Prairie products.

La Prairie, Burberry & Moschino

I got to meet the company's executive national trainer Esther and all other VIP clients who were mostly seeing Jill or Michelle (Yay <3). So there were 10 people including Esther, which was pretty small compared to the ones that I went to back in Korea with my mother. Meaning, the company didn't borrow the place exclusively just for the VIP clients, so we could see all other restaurant customer come and go, which was a little distracting. The settings were pretty casual too compared to the ones that I went to in Korea. There were presentations, lots of displayed products that you could play with freely and even pop quizzes with free samples, which I sort of expected from this VIP dinner event :P. Regardless, it didn't happen anyways. Well, there was a tray of Skin Caviar Collection on the table, but that was it :/.

La Prairie
La Prairie

On each seat, there was a La Praire bag filled with Bkr and a sample of their Lip treatment which I already own.

Bkr & La Prairie

Then, the waiter took an order from us, it turns out I only liked their dessert. Most of their food were way too salty or sweet that I couldn't stop drinking water. Wow, the food wasn't the best at all... I was missing my man's dishes that he cooks for me :(. I know it's rude to leave most of the food and drink behind, but I had to as it was just way beyond what I could take O_O. I thought I was the only one, but it seemed that at least people who were sitting on my table didn't enjoy the food much either XD. There you go, dear La Prairie, please pick a better place next time. Trust me, I never had those issues in Korea as the dishes that they served was simply beautiful and upscale. I didn't enjoy the food at all, but at least I loved all the people there! :D They were very like minded and very easy going :3. I was the youngest amongst all of them by age, but they all loved me :). After all that fun chatting, we went downstairs to see Michelle and Jill.

As there was also an event for Level 4 Nordstrom Cardholders, so it was packed with people and food here and there throughout the shop. My man and I prefer a quiet atmosphere, so we kept everything quick and left the place as there was nothing really to purchase at this point since we have pretty much shopped what we need a couple of weeks ago. We said hi to Michelle and Jay, then we booked for the next upcoming La Prairie spa day, which will be in a couple of weeks.

Oh, according to Esther and Michelle, there will be a limited edition White Caviar Illuminating Mask launching soon. I actually asked Esther about the difference between the limited edition one and Swiss Cellular White Illuminating Mask (full review) that has been around in Asia and some parts in Europe in the past years. Technically, the White Caviar one will be combining firming properties along with brightening benefits, but it's still not clear, which means there's only one way to find out :). Nordstrom Bellevue is apparently the only one (not even Neiman Marcus) in the Pacific Northwest to stock some of the limited edition White Caviar masks, so if you are interested, I recommend you out check the counter in a week or two. Or, you could just wait until January next year as that's the month that the company will launch the mask officially. In case you are keen but not around WA, then I highly recommend you ring your nearby counter and request more info as your counter might not stock the mask until January.

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