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Bioeffect Review > 30 Day Treatment & EGF Serum

Published by Jasmine Seo

I’ve always been a huge fan of EGF skin care (Epidermal Growth Factor) since it has great regenerating power. I got to know about the brand Bioeffect a few years ago, which is considered one of the premium EGF skin care brands. Since then, I’ve used Bioeffect 30 Day Treatment four times and their EGF Serum once for the last few years with high hopes. EGF skin care tends to be normally set at higher price range, but Bioeffect was the most expensive one amongst all.

Texture & Scent

The EGF 30 Day Treatment and EGF serum both have about the same texture and weird smell. Very runny light consistency with some kind of aged smell. Trust me, it’s very hard to describe it. It’s quite a rare texture indeed compared to most of EGF serums on the market, thick and heavy consistency. And another bonus; it spreads well too. That being said, it takes a while to absorb into the skin, leaving stickiness all over your face, which is pretty normal for EGF serums. Unless you have extremely dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend using either of products in the morning if you are in a rush. You’re supposed to wait until it’s fully, at least almost absorbed before putting anything on top, so if you are very busy normally, then none of these will be right for you.

Bioeffect EGF serum & 30 day treatment


Upon application, EGF 30 Day Treatment and EGF Serum provide hydration and a very nice dewy glow, it’s short-term however. For oily skin though, it may be enough. I tried it in the very hot Miami summer in a massively air conditioned room and hot humid burning weather outside. The truth was for me though, it was a bit too sticky for outside and the hydration didn’t last long enough. The same goes for winter under the heater in cold windy weather. My skin started feeling quite dehydrated after about 4 hours and my skin felt very tight and dehydrated all over my face upon waking up. So I wouldn’t come close to recommending EGF 30 Day Treatment and EGF Serum as a deep hydrating treatment.

How about regenerating power? I tried them after chemical peels, and it did seem to heal up faster, which wasn’t very surprising since most of the EGF treatments on the market do provide that extent of skin regeneration. Wrinkles? Firmness? Sun spots? Bah, don’t ask me. I got more sun spots and fine lines around my mouth and eye areas while I was using their EGF 30 Day Treatment. Really? It didn’t even protect my skin from environmental aggressors, nor turn my youth back. I always believe that constant usage is very important, so I tried again and again without losing hope. However, it just didn’t do much for me other than rapidly healing my skin.

Compared to high-end skin care brands that provide similar or even greater regenerating power that I’ve tried, I’m not yet still convinced I should continue to try Bioeffect after spending over USD 1000. The hydrating power tells me that they are more suitable for oily to normal skin types, but then, texture tells me that they are better for normal to dry skin.


Here are some other products that might be worth checking in comparison to Bioeffect 30 Day Treatment & EGF Serum:

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